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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our week in review

i know...i know...

why haven't I updated?
i think that you know the drill by now...i'm just tired...and this stinkin' Vegas heat is sucking the life right out of me (that which is left from my kids sucking the life out of me).

SO...let's see what I can remember from the last week (which, will not be a lot, sorry).
We had a SUPER FUN time with the Coopers. I remember that we had dinner on Thursday and then there was Friday. Gosh, I can't remember Jen...was that date night? Cheesecake Factory?

OK..Saturday, Eli was baptized. OH, he was so DARN excited! While we were in the chapel, the opening song was, "I like to look for rainbows"....that song that Isaac HATES! I almost peed in my pants laughing! He was already not feeling well...he was just looking around and listening...if I would have opened my mouth and started singing...he would have screamed his little peanut head off!
Joe does the actual baptism and then we move to another room for his confirmation...
where Isaac throws up (i think because it's so hot).
and he throws up again.
and we repeat this maybe TEN TIMES..
then, we leave.

OH, and Christy and her family were able to come for the day and Joe's parents were there...
what a wonderful FULL house we had! (Christy would not let her kids spend the night with me...:(

That night, after the baptism, The Coopers took their kiddos and Eli to the strip to see the sites. Jen told me that they were in a casino and Eli wanted to take the escalator and they needed to take the elevator because of the stroller. They told him that he had to stay with them, and Eli said, "it's ok, I'll be alright...I have the Holy Ghost with me now"...
oh...so stinkin' sweet.
THEN, she also told me that she almost lost Eli in another casino when he stopped to watch the dancing Pussy Cat Dolls in a cage...
that's my Eli.
When he's on the strip at night...he just looks at the ground at the nudy cards.
(what can you do?)
(I don't let him pick them up...but, he knows what's there)!

Sunday...whew...I'm already tired...
we go to church and abandon poor Jen and family. Our plans are to meet up after church for lunch. We FINALLY make it home, LATE of course...and we're off to snag some lunch...while on the way, I get a call from Joe that the van is dead.
really dead.
we ate without him.
it was delicious.

OH...and Sunday was the 4th of July! We just bought some fireworks and hit the cul de sac. We had the Coopers over, our neighbor popped in, and other friends and their kiddos. It was the perfect night! We could see fireworks from all directions. The kids really enjoyed it...
Isaac just slept...
he still wasn't feeling well from all the puking that weekend.

Monday....everyone heads out.
and I think I probably took a nap.
Thanks for coming guys...we loved every minute of it!

NOW...what happened this week?
I just don't know. It's freakin' hot here. I do know that Isaac is working so hard in therapy. I still think he'll be walking in a few months! (that makes me and my back so excited!)
Eli comes home everyday from school reading his scout book...he's ready to sign everything off!
Chris...Chris...Chris....what to say? He's still ruining my summer with summer school, he's always on his phone texting someone or someGIRLs...thankfully, he's a good kiddo, not doing anything really wrong yet...so, I can't complain.
his room just smells like butt.

I REALLY need to get into the Halloween gear~
I have so many ideas for my Etsy store...I just need to get in gear and get them made!

I'm sure there's so much more to tell...and pictures to share...
just wanted to tell you a little of what you've missed...

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy. I thought you were going to say Isaac starting screaming when the music started... so it's just you singing it that upsets him, lol! Hope this week you can rest up!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing at Eli getting baptized then hitting the strip, casinos, nudey cards.... LOL! Only in Vegas, huh???
Teresa West

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Just wondering if you are going to the VCFS conference in Utah? If you are we would love to meet up with you!! Email me and let me know.


Lee Family said...

How exciting Eli got baptized, Congratulations buddy. The Holy Ghost is always with you :)
I am so glad you had a nice time with the Coopers. How fun it must have been.

Hope you have a good week.