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Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking too cute!

in the middle of the stairs is a landing..
with a window..
he had to stop for a little look.
(and yes...that is a hole in the wall. Chris and I moved furniture one day...
and put it there...and I haven't fixed it yet)
Could he get any CUTER?
Sometimes he looks so thoughtful...
like he's pondering so many important things...
and can't be bothered.
after taking the stop at the window...
it's time to head back UP the stairs.
Looks like he's getting tired.
and...when he does get tired...
he knows how to stop, rest, and just chill...
until he's ready to start again.
We had a CRAZY busy weekend. After MUCH drama (too much to type), the boys and I made it out to help my sister pack up her house. We filled up ONE ENORMOUS pod, a storage building, a uhaul, and the back of a Yukon (and she STILL threw a ton of stuff away and left things behind).

This might be TOO much information...so, stop reading now.
BUT...I worked SO hard...and my bum is bigger (as are my thighs)...that they were rubbed RAW from all the work and sweat. TOTALLY gross. I've never been so big in my life...or sweated and worked for so long.
i'm surprised that I'm still alive to blog about it.
I will not show you what it looks like (but, you know...in your inner thigh...where your bum meets the leg...totally sore!)

Summer school is FINALLY over...
but...as much as I don't miss driving back and forth...i DO miss my semi-quiet house. NOW, i have a teenager hooked up to video games all day...just screaming into his microphone (like the big dork that he is).

I did cook dinner tonight...Chicken Parmesan. It was edible....that's all.
I do NEED to clean more, sew more, cut more coupons....
oh, I NEED an assistant.

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The Simmons Family said...

Are we twins? Ha. Joking.

Owen has that identical outfit that Issac is wearing. We also have a landing 1/2 way up the stairs with a window. AND... Owen too stops for breaks on the bottom step as he goes up and down. Too funny. :)

Ok.. you guys need to move to AZ so these boys can motivate eachother!

Abby said...

Cute, Cute Pictures! I too have ones where they are just looking out the window :)

Lee Family said...

Ah he is so cite and getting so big. Kathy he has come so far, I still can't get over that he is walking and standing all by himself, That is so huge. I love the pictures :)

crabby old man said...

thanks for sharing Ur precious family

The Portas said...

Isaac looks SO cute and happy in these photos. I love them! Sooo proud of your amazing little boy.

The drama was supposed to LEAVE, remember? Praying for Roller Peace!