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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mold in Washington State?

Who would have thought?

We are NOT prepared for rain...everyday....every SINGLE stinkin' day.

Now...I will show you most disgusting picture EVER.

That is the inside of Chris' car...on the car...is MoLd. GROSS.

You see...when we moved up here...we had Chris' car moved (we're still working on it). We, however, didn't know that ALL the windows leaked and the sunroof. Therefore...after a few months of sitting in constant rain...I decide to go out there...and looky look. I'm not sure if I can tackle the job of cleaning it out...or if we should just push it off the mountain and take our loss.

I googled "cleaning mold off of car upholstery" and most sites said to air it out, spray with white vinegar and just scrub it out. WELL...we had a day of NO rain here....so, I opened the doors, sprayed it down....
and it's still wet...
and I had to close it up because it's raining again...
which means more mold will grow...
and I'm stuck.
I'm thinking about calling a carpet cleaning company to see if they can come and clean it out.
(although, thinking about spending ONE more penny on this heap of junk makes my stomach churn).

I'll let you know how it pans out. Because, Chris has finished his wrestling for the season (he came in 6th place in regionals)...so, he'll want to get a job and get his LICENSE! (which I've been so fortunate to dodge up until this moment).

I will update you on the rest of the family later....just know that we're all alive and well.

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Rock n' Rollers said...

Holly cow, THATS CRAZY!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness. Chris, your Mama is awesome. There is no way I could handle that mold! Car would be bye-bye. Hope all is well - miss seeing pics & keeping up more!