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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A scout, a ladybug, and a goose egg.

My name is Kathy...
and have I told you lately that I'm tired??
I am...
Well...let me introduce you to our newest cub scout!
He had his second meeting tonight...and he just LOVES it! He sits down every night with his book and tries to get me to sign off things for him. I think he'll have his Eagle before he's in high school.
AND...by popular demand...we have the "scaled down" version of
LadyBug Eli.
Yes...that IS how he went to school. Antennae on his head, (the wings were in his backpack), the tutu around his waist...and notice the matching red crocs. I did NOT put black dots on the skirt or make it longer...he was fluffy enough.
and...he wore it all day...
and wore it home.

Now...that Eli has kept me somewhat busy...we should talk about Sir Isaac.
Did I tell you that he fell off the train table last week and had a goose egg on his head??
Do you want to see it??
IT's GROSS...and BIG...and OH, so sad.
(and..he's only crying because I got in front of the television...not because he's in any pain)

So...the goose egg is going down. There is still a bruise up there. Poor thing.
He's still on antibiotics for his ears...and ear drops to help unclog those tubes. WELL...this morning...I put the drops in his ears and went up to shower. Eli came running in,
"MOM...Isaac has BLOOD coming out of his ears!"
I quick rush down the stairs to see blood all in his ear and running down his neck (I did take pics, but Joe told me they were TOO gross to show you). I cleaned him off and called the ENT. To schedule an appointment, I had to go straight to voicemail...so, I left a message. By noon, NO ONE had called, so I called again, and this time asked to be transferred to the triage nurse...where, you of COURSE had to leave a message. She did call me back before 5:00...and told me that she didn't think his tube fell out, but that the drops did indeed unclog the tube and there was just so much pressure behind it. (has this happened to anyone).
Well...it's still bleeding a little throughout the day.
She's going to call us in the morning to check up on him...
but, I think I'm going to try and get him in the IMpossible-to-get-into doctors office and let him look in those little ears.

OH...I have SO much to clean...Jen, Craig, Gracie, and Bennett will be here on Thursday!!! YEAH...I can't wait! (shh...don't tell them how hot it is here...they might change their minds)

Well...that's about all I have for you. I HOPE that we have NO drama to tell about tomorrow...
let's hope.

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Lee Family said...

Poor little guy I hope his head is ok that is a pretty nasty gash..

All of my kids have had a ton of ear infections . ELizabeth is the worst she always gets them and has had several sets of tubes put in her ear and blood has never come out of them. I have never heard of anything like that before. Poor little baby. I hope he gets to doing better real soon.

jencooper said...

Please, please, please don't mention that tutu to Bennett or you will have to make him one...and his daddy MIGHT stroke out!

Tell Isaac that he needs to get better before tomorrow. We aren't going to have any of his nonsense slowing us down!! :)

We are all packed and ready to go. (Okay, not really...but we are close enough!) I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

The Portas said...

Poor Isaac! Oh my, blood in the ears. That would be enough to freak me out. I hope he is feeling better today. Give him a big smooch from us.

Eli, you look adorable!! You guys have fun with the Coopers! I'm sure you'll all have a blast.

Grandma Judy said...

Eli, you are the cutest scout EVER!
Kat, I told you to get that boy a helmet!

g-ma-vicki said...

That goose egg gave me chills. Besides loving your blogs, I wanted to thank you for the positive spirit I feel when I read your blog and especially your contact and encouraging feedback you share with my daughter Andrea
(Owen's mama). The support you moms give to each other is priceless you laugh together, cry together, hope together, and most importantly pray together. I read the comment from the x Mormon missionary and I am not sure if he was trying to be sarcastic haha or really meant it, but Andrea gets her share of meanspirited comments; then erases them and "blows it off"...but NOT this mama tiger with someone messing with MY daughter and grandson. Your comment set me back on the path back to the spirit and the loving sisterhood we can cling to despite our trials. Thank you again! Owen's gma

Erin said...

The ear tube blood puss grossness has happened to me (well, Hayden). Just a few weeks ago her ear infection started draining like that after the tubes cleared. Very gross. The grossest part was it got on my shirt. I hope the little guy is feeling better.