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Sunday, February 14, 2010

got sleep?

Everyone here is still battling colds, stuffy noses, runny noses....

I think that ONE day...in a land far, far, away...that we will find it...
find SLEEP...
but, until that time..
let me just tell you what's been going on in our ZOO!

ahhhh.....we had our yard sale on Saturday morning. We were out and ready by 7am...and were almost completely SOLD out by 9am! Seriously! It was amazing...and I'm glad we got rid of some junk (yes....there is MUCH MORE junk to get rid of!)

I need you to picture this:
Last night we're all in the living room....
Chris comes running in from the front of the house to the family room, circling around the island in the kitchen.
JOE comes slithering into the family room on the floor...like a snake...on his belly.
"dad's going to get me!" screams Chris.
as Joe slithers....."he kicked me in the ankle"
as Chris runs..."I had to....he strangled me"

yes...they were working on their wrestling moves. Joe must have put Chris in a choke hold....and Chris then kicked Joe in the ankle that he just twisted playing basketball.
I SO WISH I had recorded them...it was just TOO funny.

onto today.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I woke up to french toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon!!!
We all went to church (still sleepless and not feeling 100%)....
and this is what I found after church:

yep...someONE ate most of MY chocolates! (joseph)

and this is what the boys had for dinner!

FYI...Papa John's actually called us Friday night and left a message for us..."we were wondering why you haven't been in this week. So, just call and order a pizza on us for FREE! We miss you!"
Seriously...I think we eat there WAY too much!

ok...it's midnight...and Isaac and Eli are STILL awake...
serenity now...serenity now!

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The Portas said...

No sleep here, either, so I can't loan you any of ours. :)

I love the heart-shaped pizza! I hope your boys made the day really special for you. And how wonderful that you guys sold all of your yard sale items so quickly. Wow!!

The Chris/Joe thing cracked me up. You guys are funny. Have a great week! I'll be praying for SLEEP for all of you!!!

Sarah said...

We had a heart pizza too!!! Glad you had such an awesome yard sale. Hope your sleeping in this morning... You would be if you were here, it is snowing again!

crabby old man said...

God Bless the ROLLER family

Tera said...

Hey, just to let ya know, the heart walk is feb 27th, teresa and I are going, you shoud come, it's always a blast...I will call you soon<33