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Monday, February 01, 2010

Screaming Peanut

(yes...that IS a bowl on his head)

I've been a HORRIBLE blogger lately. We've just been so overwhelmed here...like there's NO END in site!
Thank goodness..THIS is the LAST WEEK OF WRESTLING!!! Can I get a "whoop whoop"!

Eli missed two days of school last week...asthma. After a quick trip to the peds...multiple breathing treatments daily, steroids, and cough meds....and now...he's good to go!
(although, he's missed SO many days of school this year...they're going to kick him out if we don't watch it!)

Isaac...is a stink pot. He's STILL screaming when I get on my cell phone or the house phone. NOW...he also screams when we go to the bathroom and don't let him in....AND...if we open the refrigerator and don't let him play...more SCREAMING!
My once angelic peanut has turned into a screaming angel who's driving his mom nuts!

I made it to church on Sunday with Chris. Joe's been sick, Eli was sick...but, they offered to keep the screaming peanut so that I could have a break...
thank YOU sweetie~

my blog buddies...I AM reading your posts...just haven't had much time to comment. Megan (Elijah's mom)...you are in my prayers daily, Emma was a superstar with her last procedure, Amber can breathe...and I haven't been on FB nearly enough to keep up Micah, Jacob, or Gracie....
I need more time in my days.

and...we DID decide to start boxing the house up and put it on the market. It'll have to be a short sell...because we are SO upside down. Not to worry fellow Vegas followers...IF we sell it, we'll find another house in the same ward and school district. AND...if I haven't given myself enough work...my sweetie pie neighbor is teaming up with me to have a yard sale this weekend!
WHOO HOOO....maybe I'll get rid of some junk....i mean good STUFF!

well...screaming peanut is quiet at the moment....but, sitting on my lap while I type...swiping at the key board...so, buenos noches!

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The Portas said...

I'm so happy to see an update from you guys! It sounds like you have your hands full right now. Good luck with house stuff. I know that sort of thing can be a pain so I hope it goes as seamlessly as possible for you.

Stay healthy and I hope the screaming starts to lessen soon!! xo

jencooper said...

Wow....a FB message and blog post! You had a busy day!!

Bring Isaac to me!! He and Gracie can scream at each other.

I thought you were going to move to Texas!! Come on! You know you want to be here. I feel your house pain. You know that we are doing the same thing. Ugh.

We love yall!!

Lee Family said...

Well you never post on my blog :)

I am sorry to hear about the sickies we have it around here also. Let me know about your Garage sale I will come by and see what goodies you have for sale. Don't forgot to post about it so I can come over.

Vanessa said...

Bless your heart. You are always so busy. I hope everyone is feeling better. Good luck with selling the house!

Sarah said...

I was worried... no post or comments from Kathy!!! Glad to hear you have just been busy. Selling a house is so much work - I don't ever want to do it again! Wish you guys lived closer - Evan's having a big Tae Kwon Do party this weekend. Good luck with your yardsale.