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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My MonkeyMan

Guess what Sir Isaac learned how to do last night?

uh huh. At first...I caught him on the first step.
Then, he moved up to the second step.
Then...he needed to stop and talk for a while...
and finally...he needed a rest...
Can you believe it??? I have tried SO many times to try and get him to be a little bit interested in the stairs. NOPE...he wasn't going any where near them! And then last night...to our amazement...we heard him jabbering...and there he was....just sitting on the first step. He did climb up to four steps...but, I had to take him off...because he doesn't know how to get down:(

SO...I suppose it's time to start baby proofing the house! I'm SO excited! Whoever I gave my baby gates to (from Eli)...I need them back!

AND...if that wasn't enough excitement for one night...after the stairs...he climbed into his bouncy seat! ALL by himself! He's NEVER done that either. I just don't know what's gotten into that peanut!

He's feeling better. Eli is the one that's still hacking up a lung....and Joe and I...still dealing with the nose issues. I can't even understand how it's possible to be so stuffy that you have to turn into a "mouth breather" and then moments later...snot can just pour out of your nose.
How is that nurse Amber??

Chris is FINALLY finished with wrestling...and tomorrow...I think he starts practice for track.

Eli is STILL on track break. Today he told me that I needed to write down my schedule each day...that he needed to get organized and prepared for all the places that we go each day. (it's stressing him out!) he's so cute!

I just might make it to bed before midnight...so, I'm keeping this short and sweet. If you're not already checking on sweet Emma....please click on her link and leave Wendy and Don a comment...and if you could, say a prayer for Emma to get over her RSV and pneumonia and get out of that darn hospital...

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The Portas said...

Oh how wonderful!!! Our little men just like to do things on their own schedules, don't they? I'm so happy Isaac decided to really start exploring! Woohoooo!

I know what you mean about the mouth breathing and then snot pouring. Yuck!! I hope you are ALL better very soon. How cute that Eli wants a schedule of each day. :) Have a good day today, Rollers!

jencooper said...

Isaac is AMAZING!!!

He is doing so many wonderful things now. I am so proud of him. He is getting to be such a little man.

Hope that everyone is feeling better!!

Grandma Judy said...

It's great having Eli home for break. Who else would spend 20 to 30 minutes a day on the phone, just jabbering away?

Go Isaac.....Go Isaac!

The Simmons Family said...


Lee Family said...

OMG! climbing the stairs and getting into his bouncy seat all by himself way to go buddy. I am very very jelious. He is really coming along so fast. I bet you he will be walking with support by Summer time. I am so Happy to hear this. It makes my day :)

Sarah said...

That is exciting! Way to go Isaac!

Wendy said...

Hi Kathy,

Look at that big boy! Stairs and climbing out of his bouncy seat?! He's ready to go, Kathy!!! :) That is so great! I am so proud of him!!!

I hope that Eli feels better soon. Poor guy...he's got so many things planned, too. He's too cute.

Thanks so much for mentioning Emma and for all of your prayers and notes. We really appreciate it!!!

Take care and give those adorable boys a hug from us!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Vanessa said...

Check him out! That is awesome! I hope Eli starts feeling better soon.