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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Catching Up~

oh cutie pie Chris...
Here he is in his wrestling outfit before a match last week.
His LAST match was this weekend...
he won 3 out of 5 matches...and we couldn't have been more proud of him!
He continues practice this last week while varsity prepares for their
tournament...then, it's onto track...
(I don't think we're EVER going to get a break~)

There are NO tighter peas in a pod than these two boys!
Isaac kisses on Eli everytime he's near him
(making this mom a little jealous)!
(notice the one eye open on Eli....they were just tricking me!)
and sir Isaac...still has the rash on his face from constant slobbering on something...
trying out crackers...(his most favorite snack)
and just being the biggest ham EVER!
I've felt a little overwhelmed the last few weeks....but, I THINK that I may have caught up on enough things that I JUST might be able to survive!

Eli caught me:
He said, "mom...what is Family Home Evening?"
WHAT a horrible mom I felt like!
Let me explain. If you're NOT LDS, Family Home Evening, usually takes place on Monday nights (or whichever night works for your family). It's where you spend time with ALL of your family. You have an opening song, prayer, a lesson on a scripture story, a family activity, closing song, prayer, and then yummy treats. It's just a way to ensure that families are spending time together (even if it's game night and not scripture study...that family time is important).
WELL...for the last FOUR years (because you have to account for the time I was on bed rest with Isaac)...we have been so caught up in keeping this little guy alive...that things like Family Home Evening have slipped by the wayside.
NOW...you must know that before Isaac, we had family home evening, studied the scriptures with the family daily, had family prayer each night, read Eli a story in bed each night...
and then...our life just changed.
SO...here is sweet Eli...asking what this is and why we don't do it. Do you know that it felt like he put a knife in my heart...and I felt like the most horrible mom.
I did.
BUT...what can you do??
and we did. Eli and I made out a planning sheet, assigning everyone their jobs for family home evening. We decided that Saturday nights were best for our family (because we'd want Joe to be part of it)....and we did it! Saturday night was out first in a LONG time...
and Eli just lite up like a Christmas tree. He was so proud, so happy. In his closing prayer, he asked that we would remember to have it every Saturday night....
and for that sweet young man...
it's a date...EVERY Saturday night.

Sometimes I can't believe how insightful our kids are. How they are aware of so many things that we don't even see. Eli amazes me every single day.
and Chris. He makes me proud that he goes to seminary every morning...without a second thought. AND...when Eli made him lead the music in family home evening, he did it. He didn't think he was too "cool" for it...he enjoyed it. and that made me proud.
and Joe...the most wonderful hubby....helped to everything on his "honey-do-list", got cleaned up, and he gave us our lesson.

This weekend just helped us breathe...
It's hard to explain...but, we're all feeling good.

We all made it to church today. AND...I decided to start going to the nursery with Isaac NEXT WEEK! YIKES....it goes against everything we've ever done with him since birth. I am putting him in the germiest place on Earth (next to Chuck E Cheese)...but, he's survived the Cheese...so, nursery is NEXT!
(I might have to take my camera!)

We had plans for a yard sale this past weekend...but, it rained...so, It's ON FOR Saturday, Feb. 13th--so, if you're in Vegas...come over early for breakfast and go through my JUNK!

I'm SLOWLY boxing up excess in our house in order to put it on the market (how long have I been saying that?? Like four months now?)

Seriously...these are the boxes JUST from the Playroom (that should be the dining room) extra books and toys that could be put away for a few months and NOT be missed too terribly.

and here's how many toys still exist JUST IN THE PLAYROOM (there are still TONS upstairs)
...and I DID take my tutus down off the "clothesline" I had hanging across.
(you should see the sewing room!)

Eli is on track break for the next TWO weeks. OH BOY, he's already making plans for us. It appears that on Monday, we have to pull out the pottery wheel and make bowls, clean the hamster cage (that is horribly past due)....and he's still thinking!

I think that catches you up on MOST of the things that we're up too...
thanks for checking in!

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The Portas said...

You guys are such an inspiring family. I'm so glad you got the chance to reconnect this weekend. Your boys have the sweetest hearts!! I absolutely love the photo of Isaac and Eli snuggling up. It melts my heart.

Good luck with the big upcoming stuff for you guys. Remember to breathe when you can!! xo

Grandma Susie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grandma Susie said...

We absolutly love all the pictures and we couldn't possibly be any prouder of you guys!!!

We don't say it enough Kathy and Joe, but we want you know how much we appreciate everything you do for your little growing family and how much we love and honor you as parents - you are such an example to even us!

Congratulation Chris!
Go Eli! Love your FHE plan.
"Yeah for Isaac!" (you little cutie)

jencooper said...

Okay, I think that I just about have Craig convinced to come to Vegas!!!

I am glad that I actually got to talk to you on Friday night.

Thanks for the update on the kiddos. I am proud of you for getting back into the routine of church. We need to be better about it in our family.

We love you!

Sarah said...

Little ones are so innocent in their little questions. Evan told me this weekend that his Cran-Grape juice tasted like the communion he licked from my cup at church and said and I remembered that guy your supposed to remember. Uh... Jesus Evan? Yeah... that guy. Sigh... we really need to get to church more often.
I'm proud of you guys! Your a wonderful Mama.

Grandma Judy said...

Way to go Rollers!

cindy said...

How wonderful that you guys got to have a real family night. And how much more wonderful that it was all because of sweet Eli. He just melts my heart. And the love he has for Isaac? Seriously!

Good luck with all the packing up of the boxes. That's such a yucky chore.

Give all the boys a big hug from us!!