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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isaac Loves...

That would be Sir Isaac in the shower...
  • Loves to play in the toilet
  • Loves to play in the shower
  • Loves to eat shoes
  • Loves to play in the refrigerator
  • Loves to play "itsy bitsy spider"
  • Loves to scream if I am on the phone
  • Loves to scream if we close the bathroom and don't let him in
  • Loves to scream if we close the fridge and don't let him in
  • Loves to scream if we close the shoe closet before he gets a taste
  • Loves to scream if you don't play itsy bitsy spider 67 times in a row
Isaac is SUCH a love bunch.

and...for the past TWO nights...has decided NOT to go to sleep until the sun was up...thus, leaving this mom with some BAD bags under her eyes.
He has a runny nose. Seriously..that's it. BUT, he can't blow it or sniff it...so, he screams...every ten minutes...to let me know that I need to take care of it. He almost has a panic attack about it...it really stresses him out.
BUT...tonight...I haven't wiped his nose at all....
I think that snot is GONE!
GOOD...we just MIGHT be able to sleep tonight.

Poor Eli is on track break...and I've been so sleep deprived with Isaac, doing so many other errands, that we STILL haven't pulled out the pottery wheel yet! BUT...tomorrow...we have plans to go to the church bookstore (his idea), lunch with friends, and we'll see what we can do about afternoon activities...

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Grandma Judy said...

When did Eli get a pottery wheel?
Get Chris to help him with it!

Poor Isaac.....Poor mom. You two were meant for each other!

Lee Family said...

I am sorry you have not gotten much sleep. Logan nose is still runny also and that is it. I have no idea what is in the air.
Isaac is a little stinker...

Look forward to seeing you Saturday and taking some of your junk off your hands:)

The Portas said...

That silly little man! I think he and Elijah would be two peas in a pod, with the funny things these boys are interested in. I hope the little man starts feeling better so you can get some sleep! I know how it feels to be a sleep-deprived mama and it is not fun. Sending sleepy, healthy prayers your way!! xo