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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a jungle out there

Let us start with Chris...
I sent him to the hair salon yesterday...
with a mere $20....
and THIS is what they did.
A buzz cut...
like I couldn't DO THAT FOR FREE!
Have I showed you Isaac's NEWEST glasses??
It's SO nice to see his little face without
those blue rubber glasses in the way.
(I still need to take a pic and show you what
he did to the blue ones)
and Eli. He's feeling MUCH better.
Only FOUR more days of steroids...
and he should be good as new!
And now...for the great adventure that IS our jungle!
Eli said, "look the grass is SO pretty!"
yep..it is...
BUT...we don't have GRASS...
we have a LOT of weeds in the rocks that I'll have to pull:(
My banana tree is dead...
I think it really is...not dormant...but, dead.

It rained SO much this past month..
that we're going to have to throw the ping pong table away..
so sad...
do you know what THIS is??
That would be my GREEN pool!
but....amidst all that is WRONG in my backyard...
look what we found in the muddy rocks...

a perfectly good pair of shoes..
that have probably shrunk from the sun..
but, they will fit some lucky boys foot!

I know what I'll be doing this weekend..
but, not to worry about the pool. I went to visit my favorite pool store, bought a CASE of shock...and it's cleared up already. (I'll just drain it this weekend with the help of my super-helpful hubby).

The crocs are still muddy...sitting on the warped ping pong table. Any takers?

I'm just excited about getting things ready for Spring...
we're ready to heat the pool up and start playing outside!

On an Isaac note:
We visited a NEW community therapy center where Isaac will start physical therapy and occupational therapy. I LOVED it!!! It had a swing from the ceiling, a slide, jumpy balls, it was just perfect. Isaac shed a few tears...but, we're on the books for TWICE a week (and that's just for pt).
AND...while I was there, I got a call from Isaac's NEW homeschool teacher! It's time to schedule for her to start coming to educate my peanut! I'll return her call tomorrow and let you know what her schedule will be.
I am SO excited!

and look at this:

and then, I did this:

Megan...this one is for YOU! I'm taking this rabbit apart to make a ZOOTER! I am almost finished (Isaac was being too clingy and making me sew with him on my lap...not a good idea).

I can't wait to email you a pic!

I will end this post with a funny by Eli:
Eli: "mom, will you call out my spelling words?"
me: "sure Eli."
Eli: "mom, could you call them out in alphabetical order?"
me: "yep..no problem"
and I start calling out his words. and it wasn't until I was half way through that I realized what this STINKER was up to. HE was asking me to call them out alphabetically because THAT was one of his assignments....to write them in order! What a stinker! Here I am thinking that he wanted me to quiz him the way his teacher calls them out...and he's just getting me to do half of his homework!

How can you punish such a clever kid??


AND...if that wasn't funny enough.
Yesterday, after missing his first day of school, I said, "Eli...you have to do your homework tonight"
Eli said, "ok mom...just tell me when the sun goes down."

and that...ladies and gentlemen...is just a little of what I live with daily.

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Tina:0) said...

Wow. How do you do it?! My head is spinning from reading your last 2 posts! Hope you get some down time soon!

That Zooter sounds cute! You'll have to share that photo when you can! Hope you have a restful, un-eventful weekend!

Grandma Judy said...

Eli is quite the thinker in the famnily.

Glad Isaac will be able to go play/work. It will be like going to the gym!

Chris and the hair cut.....he probably told them to do anything!

Lee Family said...

Our backyard looks the same way, I will also be pulling weeds.

I love Isaac's new glasses they look so good on him.

to funny my girls pulled that same thing getting me to read there spelling words for them:)

Have a good weekend. Please post when Zooter is done I want to see it.

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

OMG have those kids grown!!
Did you get my message the other day?
I am in Beaver until the 7th...
You guys will have to come up and hang out this summer... we are only a few weeks away from getting a toilet downstairs... WOOT.

The Portas said...

No way!! ZOOTER! Elijah is going to freak out (in a good way). You are so awesome!

I'm sooo glad you like Isaac's new therapy center. I'm sure it will be a great new thing for him. I love all the back yard pics. We don't have a back yard, so I'd take a few little weeds and green pool any day! :)