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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playing with toys

Really...is there anything cuter than a baby wrapped up after a bath??
NOPE...nothing cuter!
Here we have Sir Isaac doing what he does best...
eating his toys...
and pulling them ALL off the shelves!
He'll eat anything...
you have to watch him like a HAWK now...
and yes...those are still crazy eyes..
and still has red rashy face (poor thing)
and his nose is red because he's still a SNOT monster!
Isaac was up ALL night again. And..I'm not over exaggerating. Seriously, screaming about 20+ times a night. Sometimes he was snotty, sometimes he couldn't find his paci...sometimes I have NO IDEA why he was screaming. I might call the neurologist and see if there's anything else that we can check, test for, or just put him and Joe both on Ambien (or me..then, I could just sleep through his screaming!)

SO...with no sleep and a snotty Isaac...Joe went to church by himself this morning. What a good dad he is! My boys, on the other hand, SLACKERS....they stayed home.

I didn't take a nap today...and I'm not DYING. weird! I think it's because the weather is warm, the sun is shining...and I've been eating yummy food all day! (still haven't made it to that treadmill yet...oops!)

I'm NOT suppose to say anything...BUT, someONE took the driving test on Thursday...and well...that someONE will have to take it again this weekend.

Eli has been Eli. Doing no wrong and aggravating Chris to the best of his abilities.

I need a head count...Maria, Kamaille...anyone else out there going to the VCFS Conference in Utah July 16-18?? Click HERE to read all about it! Mom, do you want to fly out and go with me? Maria...we can carpool! I need to register, but don't want to go alone!!! anyone??

I think that about sums up my day. I've been cleaning my house, organizing my piles...and trying to get the boys ready for school tomorrow.

whew....onto Monday! We ONLY have a therapy appointment at 8am! yikes...I'll have to get up early!

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The Portas said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the night-time sleep disturbances. Yikes. Elijah was up a lot last night, too. Maybe Isaac and him are calling each other?

I will pray for rest for you, Mama! I hope your boys give you an easy week. Sending you my love...xo

jencooper said...

And....I actually had a sleeper last night. Wow! What a change!

Hope that boy starts sleeping soon. Maybe he is just excited about his birthday???

Grandma Judy said...

I will go when it is on the east coast. You go to those west of the Mississippi, and I will take those east of the Mississippi. Anything international, we will both go.

Sarah said...

Oh I Love the old pictures! I'm so proud - I told Megan that I'm emotional today, Dad's in the hospital had triple bypass on Fri. and I'm catching up on blogs between my hospital shifts - I would have been boohooing during that meeting for Isaac! GO ISAAC!

Anonymous said...


Our family is planning on going to the Utah conference it would be so fun to meet up with you. We will be driving so if my husband and I have not completely gone crazy after the 18 hour trip with three kids in the car with one being a little DiGeorger who always has to ask every two minutes "WHERE ARE WE GOING" "ARE WE THERE YET" I think it should be a great time aside from the very long drive from Minnesota! Hope you get some sleep I know what you are saying I don't have any advice that you want to hear I just could not take the 2,000 times a night going up and down the stairs everytime she woke up so she has been sleeping with us for almost 3 months now.
Susan Laumer