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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Adventures of Isaac

Mr.Peanut has been adventurous this week. Here, he climbed into my box of receipts..and made himself so happy!
We have a red couch in our guestroom....it's where I do my laundry. (like 6-8 loads at a time)
Some little peanut has learned how to climb onto that couch...and do a dancy dance! I lost him this week once...he was sitting in the middle of unfolded clothes...he looked like ET when he was sitting amidst the stuffed animals!

and...for the 2nd time in his life...Isaac has been to the park and swung on the swings! Can you tell that he LOVED it SO much!

and...that same little peanut likes to help his mom load the dishwasher...

and...he knows how to get into his plastic car...

and...this mom cleaned the house today...

(yes...that is Eli's painting below Joe's painting over the fireplace, that's hidden by the couch, and that is THE treadmill that we SHOULD be using that is folded up and against the wall...but, LOOK at the floor..you can see it!)

and Chris. STILL isn't bringing home his gym clothes for me to wash. (I can only imagine what they must smell like). He is staying after school each day now for Track. SO, of course he NEEDS two pairs of new shoes....running shoes and shoes with spikes...this is AFTER we just had to buy a pair of wrestling shoes (and knowing this...that he will inevitably grow taller this year and will need all of these ALL OVER AGAIN next year)...
Please moneytree...please start growing...

Eli came home today with a note..he wants to join an afterschool club...multicultural club. He's excited about his first meeting tomorrow after school.

Do you know that Isaac will be turning THREE at the end of the month?? I don't know...maybe I should plan a BIG BASH? or NOT? Can't decide.

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The Portas said...

Seeing Isaac on all of his adventures makes me smile SO BIG!! I love it! It looks like he enjoys swinging and the dishwasher as much as Elijah does. :) I just love seeing him getting around and enjoying his toys and exploring.

Do you know which weekend in May you will be out this way? I will be VERY close to my due date at that point, so I will either be here at home and still on bed rest or in the hospital having a baby. I can't wait to see you guys again!

Thanks for the update! HAve a good day. xo

jencooper said...

That boy is going to be walking before you know it!! Look at him climbing and getting those little leg muscles all built up.

I owe you an email....it will be coming today. It has been CRAZY here.

Thanks for the update. I am not liking this updating every once in a while!!

Lee Family said...

I just love all of the pictures of Isaac, I cannot believe he is climbing into everything, you really have your hands full now girl.

I am so proud of you that you are getting organized and a clean floor you go girl.

Glad to hear he likes going on the swing. Have a fun rest of the week.

Abby said...

Loved the pics! And Isaac will ONLY turn THREE one Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Simmons Family said...

Is Issac turning into a monkey?? It seems like he was just pulling up yesterday. I can't believe he's almost three!! You've got to have a party.. at least a GREAT big cake!!

Daisy said...

Ok, when do you find time to do all this AND talk to me on and off all day? Hand over your super powers