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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a day!

With a day like today...it's important that I break it down for you...I don't want to miss a thing:
  1. Isaac was UP ALL night again! Who knows...I think he just wants to snuggle...but, I'm afraid that Joe's going to roll over on him and squish him and he just makes me all sweaty laying right under me.
  2. I am SUPPOSE to get up at 5:30...but, somehow I slept through my alarm clock and didn't wake up until 6:15, when Chris' friend calls to tell him that he waited long enough and he's gone to seminary without him (it starts at 6:00am)
  3. Chris whines that he's just SO tired and wants to take a personal day.
  4. I go back to sleep for an hour.
  5. I wake up and get Eli and Isaac dressed. We have the lunch box packed, teeth brushed, Isaac ready...and I walk outside...MY VAN HAS A FLAT TIRE!
  6. I text Joe....it's a good thing he drove his motorcycle to work today...I can drive his car.
  7. Joe texts me back, "I saw the flat...that's why I drove the motorcycle. I didn't have time to put air in the tire, left the air compressor by the garage door."
  8. hmmm....so, I take Eli to school in the car. Come home, and plug in my air compressor and put air in MY TIRE and drive it to Walmart so they can fix it.
  9. Chris, Isaac, and I walk home from Walmart (it's only about a mile).
  10. I'm suppose to meet my friends this morning to play with beads! BUT, I need to bring a salad. I rush to Vons where the lettuce is on sale for $0.99 a bag and the salad dressing is FREE...(what a good day this is turning out to be NOW!)
  11. Rush back home, mix up my salad, change a poopy diaper, load up the feeding pump and spend some fabulous time with friends and beads! (and eat a super yummy lunch with them)
  12. Leave my friends in time to pick up my high schoolers (my Chris is at home).
  13. Get home to feed Isaac his 2:00 feed
  14. Head out to pick up Eli at 3:00
  15. I then realize that I have Walgreens register rewards that are going to expire today (that's like throwing away money!). So, Eli, Isaac, and I stop by Walmart to pay my $10 for fixing my tire (leaving the van there) and do a little clearance shopping (leaving the store only spending $5.00!)
  16. I should make dinner...I decide to pull a fast one on the kids. I defrost ground TURKEY and start making "hamburgers". I didn't buy any buns, but... I did buy these thin whole grain round sandwich bread thingies for Joe...and so, that was our bun. I baked fries...the kids ate the WHOLE THING! They have NEVER eatten a meal so healthy before!
  17. Eli goes to take a bath, Chris hides in his room...and I decide that Isaac needs a hair cut.
  18. Joe takes me to Walmart to pick up my van. Tires look good now.
  19. It's 9:00pm now...the big boys are in bed...Isaac is looking good playing with his toys, and Joe is at Jujitsu practice (don't ask).
That's ALL I did today.
(except...I think I might start a paper mache project now...details tomorrow)

Here's Sir Isaac before his haircut..

During his haircut...
after his haircut...
(poor crazy eyes)

and...here's Eli playing with my camera
That's all folks!

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Grandma Judy said...

When does my baby get to go get a REAL haircut? Poor Isaac will be 16 before he makes it to a barber/beauty shop!

jencooper said...

I love reading a day in the life of the Rollers!! You make me tired!

Glad that you survived the day!!

Love and miss yall!!

The Portas said...

WOW! I need a nap! Never a dull moment with you guys. The hair cut looks great (of course, what wouldn't look great on that cutie face?)!