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Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Can I just say:

  • Isaac STILL has a runny nose and congested cough (I think it's just allergies)
  • Isaac transitioned out of Early Interventions today
  • I got Isaac into a new PT, OT, and Speech therapy center...they can see him tomorrow. OF course he would be sick! (let's hope we make our appointment)
  • Eli called me from school today and said, "mom...I vomited"
  • I wonder how many days he's missed from school this year?? (i'm sure I'll be getting a letter in the mail soon)
  • Eli now has a croupy cough, wheezing, and just sounds horrible. (even after neb treatments and steroid inhaler)
  • I will need to make an appointment with the peds for Eli tomorrow
  • Chris is doing BAD in three classes...I took his Xbox360 hostage until further notice.
  • I need gas in my minivan and forgot to get it today.
  • I have a lunch date tomorrow with my FAVORITE ladies from Early Interventions! (yep..I just might bring my sick kids...because we NEED to go!)
  • Isaac was up again ALL night. (with only minimal kicks to my head and/or back area)
  • and yes...Eli is at the foot of my bed tonight
  • I had dinner tonight with my friend Stephanie and her kiddos (kids eat FREE on Monday's at Jason's Deli!) We ALL ate for $6.00!
  • My pool is green, I have weeds in my backyard, our ping-pong table is damaged due to the rain...BUT, I did discover a pair of perfectly good crocs hidden amidst the mud.
  • I bought both Twilight movies this weekend...and we watched them last night.

I might have to watch them again...
just to get through the day I imagine I will have tomorrow.

Time to feed Sir Isaac his FIFTH feed for the day, and then it's off to fight the sleep battle.
May the force be with me!

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Tina:0) said...

Poor Isaac with that runny nose:0( GO AWAY, RUNNY NOSE!!!

Sounds like he has some exciting things in store looking at the goals from his IEP... he's gonna do amazing & show them all what a wonder kid he is!

Hope you're able to get some sleep!

jencooper said...

Hang in there. Maybe you should come back to Texas for some TLC??

The Portas said...

Oh yucky, sorry to hear Eli is sick now, too. Get better, boys!!

Can I come watch the Twilight movies with you? I rented NM the day it came out. Now I must own it! :)