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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Card update

I have a sleeping THREE year old on my lap...so, I'm making this short and sweet:

First of all...my baby is three years old! I STILL can't believe it!
OK, ok....I made a BOLD move. Yep...Chris moved down the hall to an empty room, and that left Eli alone in a room with bunkbeds. SO, Joe was working late, and I took apart Isaac's crib and squeezed it beside the bunkbeds...and now...they are roommates! Last night was the first night. Isaac didn't cry ONCE! Now, he has a JUNKY cough...so, I was running in the room all night checking on him, giving him breathing treatments while he slept...but, that stinker didn't wake up all night long!

SO...did you catch that? The COUGH is back! uggh.. SO, we went to the peds this afternoon. AND...of course we'd have another ear infection and sinus infection (just due to all the dirt and pollen in the air). Another round of antibiotics and we should be great. All these allergies are making him SUPER mucusy, which makes him throw up. (yuck)

This morning...we went to see the great and powerful Dr. Mayman (our card). Isaac's numbers are remaining constant. He's slightly narrowed in the pa department, and his valve leakage is moderate...NO SURGERY should be needed this year! No need to see our favorite doc again for 6 more months!

I haven't really seen Chris. The boys are on spring break and he's held up in his room, sitting in his gamer chair (in his underwear), with his headset on, just playing away.

and Eli. I feel bad that we haven't done anything fun YET this week...but, this kiddo is easily entertained. We watched, "minute to win it" together tonight and then...he just sat on the couch and read the scriptures to me. Seriously...this kid is SO unbelievable sometimes. He KNOWS what he's reading...not just the words, but he comprehends it...and sees the deeper meaning.
I'm excited about what the future holds for this little man.

Now...I'm just holding Isaac (he's feeling warm and still coughing up a lung)...but, asleep...
Joe and Eli are eating popcorn...and American Idol is on!

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The Portas said...

Oh no, more coughs?! Isaac and Elijah would make good coughing buds.

Another year without a heart surgery??? WOwowowow! You are such an amazing little man, Isaac!

I hope he feels 100% better soon and that he sleeps like a champ through the night in his new arrangement.

The Simmons Family said...

Sorry about the yucky cough. But HORRAY for Issac sleeping in the same room as Eli and ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!! WAHOO!!

Owen sleeps through the night (everynight), but I am such a chicken and haven't put him in his own room yet. :(

we're moving him to a big boy bed in the next couple weeks, so perhaps we'll just move that bed into his own room. YIKES!

jencooper said...

Just in case you didn't know....I LOVE the Rollers!!

Way to go on the big move!! I think Isaac and Eli will make awesome roommates!

I am sorry to hear that the cough is back...yuck! No fun!

We love you guys!!

Grandma Judy said...

Glad everything has gotten a little quieter at the Roller house.
I can just see Eli staying up all night reading to Isaac. I think having Isaac in another room will help you rest better.

Tina:0) said...

Ugh. That cough still hasn't gotten the hint to take a hike?! Hope that adorable 3 year old is better soon!

Isn't it amazing how it never seems as if they're going to, & then you turn around & they're all grown up on you?! Hope the new rooming arangements work out!