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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Funny Pics!

Dang...I tried posting this LAST night and it took
FOREVER for the pics to load...
so, here we go:
THIS is the picture that Eli gave his teacher for her "end of the year" gift.
We put it in a talking picture frame that talked and he said,
"Ms. E, LOOK what I have in my hand for you"
(in his little devious voice)
She's going to LOVE it!

Peek a boo...
I see you!
This is how Sir Isaac was sitting on the couch
yesterday watching Gabba.
Ok...I moved the pillow...
I know...he doesn't really match...
but, who cares!
See that smile...still watching Gabba!
SHoot....it's almost NOON and I need to feed my bugaboo now. I hope you enjoyed the pics!

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Lee Family said...

Love the pictures, he is so cute.

The Portas said...

I never match Elijah's clothes! At the end of the day I look at him and wonder how many other people must have thought I was a bad mother for the way I dressed him. Oh well! Don't care!! :)

Your little man is as cute as ever. Eli, too! I love the spider pic. Have a great weekend, you guys. We won't be around for a while, so we'll "see" you next week!

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