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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walking Isaac

ok...he's getting SO close!

Here's a quick little video of him tonight. He took about three steps! (then, he lunges forward...but, he'll get it soon...i think!)

NOW...if you're TOTALLY bored and want to sit in your seat for a little longer, here's a video of Isaac walking to my sister. It is hilarious! He is SO excited, that he takes ONE single step, and then stops to sit down, do his happy dance, and clap for himself....and repeats this 20 times.

I DO have Isaac's newest ORANGE glasses...but, he keeps taking them off...so, no picture yet. BUT...Eli just found his other glasses...so, I have TWO pairs!

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The Simmons Family said...

Our boys are like two peas in a pod!! Owen just started doing the same thing two nights ago.... no hands! Tonight he walked all the way accross the master bedroom. We have to plan a time for them to meet!!

Mami Adame said...

How exciting!!! I'm sure it won't be too long now =) Congrats!

Abby said...

YAY Isaac!!! He will shortly realize how FUN it is, and discover NEW places to go!!! So exciting :) He'll get it soon; Keep trying Isaac!

Grandma Judy said...

Go Isaac! Go Isaac!

Wendy said...

I have tears in my eyes! Way to go, Isaac!!! It won't be long now, Kathy....

Lots of Hugs to your little Mr. Amazing!!!

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Grandma Susie said...

OMGoodness! That is so good!

Lee Family said...

OMG I love it, he is doing so good and I adore the Happy Dance. He is just making strides. What a great job keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Run Isaac run ,thanks for sharing