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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Too Much Information!

Do you see that face?? That's him talking to me...well, screaming at me...he isn't mad...that's just how he talks. LOUD...LIKE THAT...ALL DAY...(I can't pop enough excedrin at this point in my life).

Isaac is fine. We had an ot evaluation on Tuesday...so, he'll be in community pt twice a week, community ot once a week, home school twice a week, home school pt once a week, home school speech once a week, and home school ot once a week.
got all that?
AND...we get a cardiology update NEXT WEEK! I'm SO excited!!!! Not nervous at all. Isaac's been perfect. He has his random blueberry moments...but, pops right out. I think he gets a holter monitor this time...that will ease my mind about his rapid heartrate.

He doesn't like wearing the supersuit. I don't like putting on the supersuit.
There....I said it.
BUT...Joe told me to be a good mom and put it on.
(even though I have to take it off EVERY TIME I CHANGE a DIAPER--which is like every freakin' hour it seems...and it takes FOREVER to put back on...and let's NOT even talk about if there's a leak in the diaper!)

Speaking of my sweetie...Joe. (and he is a sweetie...he worked all day and he's working tonight also). A few days ago...the kitchen trashcan was FULL. It needed to be taken out (but, that's Christopher's job...and I just remind him when he appears downstairs). SO, Joe's in his office cleaning it...he comes out with a trash bag from HIS OFFICE trash can. He doesn't take it out side...BUT, he SHOVES it in the kitchen trash can...making it SUPER FULL now.
Please...we need a vote...
He thinks I'm a nagger for pointing that out...
would you??? Think I'm nagging??

Thank you.

Harry Potter update: We have only FIVE chapters left!!! Eli and I decided tonight that we should read a little extra over the next few days and to have Sunday night as our HARRY POTTER MOVIE night!!!
and it shall be!
I'm SO excited!

OH--I keep forgetting to post this...BUT, we switched our home phone to "Clear" service last month...and it is NOT clear. I can't hear a thing when people call. SO, I've been working with their techs for weeks...and still NOT working. So, today we got a regular land line turned on, a new home number....and I can call everyone back! (sorry...I didn't want to burn up my cell minutes since I'm on Mandy's plan now).

AND...Joe has his final interview on Friday.
What do you think about Forks, Wa??
yep...that's right.

Cross your fingers and toes and say your prayers!
(Christopher is NOT even talking to us about the idea of possibly moving...poor little thing).

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The Portas said...

Oh goodness, so much going on with you guys! First of all, FORKS?!?! You might get to live by Edward! :) Good luck with interviewing, Joe!!

No, that isn't nagging about the trash. :) Joe, you're still the sweetest.

Does the supersuit seem to be helping Isaac? Or is it something the helps more over time?

Thanks for the update! Have a fun Harry Potter week and movie night. I love HP!!

Grandma Judy said...

Oh Kat, you can see the veins in his little neck. Be kind to that baby.

Abby said...


Kelly said...

Forks, WA? Team Jacob over here!
You're going to go from the hot sun to rarely a sunny day? That would be very interesting!

Wow! You've got your hands full with all those therapy appointments! Sounds like your man is ready to make some leaps and bounds in progress! Go Isaac Go!

carolinamomma said...

Washington?!?! That would be awesome!!! - to me at least :)

I love reading your blog and seeing what you're up too! You stay so busy and so sane! HOW?!?!

Let your hubby know that ANY wife would nag about the trash - especially if he's adding MORE to it! What would your grandma Cat say?!?! haha - your Joe has it much easier than grandpa Joe!!! make sure he knows that!!
Fingers crossed for his big interview and I'll check back in soon!
~Lee Ann