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Sunday, August 01, 2010

My Kids Have gone CRAZY!

When Eli got his Wolf badge...
Joe and I got to paint his face at the Pack meeting!

Isaac is still loving his crackers....
and his hands so much...he put a blister on it chewing on it.
I put a band-aid on it for now..
but, it's only going to last a few hours before he chews it off.

Gosh...I haven't posted in a few days because the KIDS HAVE GONE CRAZY!

Let's see....
Thursday--Isaac got a new Super Suit from physical therapy. It's like a tank top with attached buttless chaps. (if that makes sense). It snuggles him tight to give him more input. WELL, we had to take it off as soon as we got home...he was just too hot. By noon, Isaac was super grumpy...with a FEVER!
of course.
He just laid around all day...I kept him drugged up and hydrated...and he slept. We had to cancel our homeschool for Thursday:(

Friday--I can't remember much. Isaac was still feverish, but no other symptoms (so, I didn't take him in). I get a call about noon from ELI's school...he has a headache and is crying. I pick him up...BOTH of my babies aren't feeling well.

Saturday--Isaac was feeling better...now ELI was NOT. He ended up sleeping in our room and just laid around. Eli's only complaint was a fever now and a headache.

Sunday--We get up and Eli's fever is pretty high, so Joe takes him to urgent care because I have to teach in Relief Society at church (the plan is that if he isn't back home in time, I'll take Isaac to church with me).
Luckily, they make it back in time. They couldn't get a good swab from Eli, but they suspect STREP!
Could that be what was wrong with Isaac on Thursday?
who knows?
Eli has not eaten anything but crackers all weekend...I now have him on antibiotics and fever reducers....
Isaac seems fine...just screaming when all the televisions in the house are NOT on YoGabbaGabba.

Monday...I suspect Eli will be skipping school...Isaac will go to therapy with his supersuit on and leg braces and be VERY angry with me. BUT, we don't have any more appointments for the day...so, I might just be able to go upstairs and SEW!

Chris is around here...locked in his room...texting, facebooking, playing xbox....slowly losing what brain cells he has remaining.

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Grandma Susie said...

Such a busy household! I hope the anitbiotics work crasy fast for Eli so he can eat and get back to the things he loves to do. The wolf pack pic is great - what fun!

I would love to see a picture of Isaacs super suit - any chance of that?

Sarah said...

Strep is horrible... I think I can look at someone with strep and get it... hopefully reading about it is safe ; )
I'm going to have the movie Incredibles on my mind all day now... "Woman... where is my supersuit?!?"

jencooper said...

Did Chris have brain cells to begin with?? :) haha

I hope that life has slowed down a little bit....and that everyone feels much better. That is no fun!!

My kids are missing you! Every single time that the AT&T commercial comes on, they run to the TV and yell "Las Vegas!"

Give all of those boys a hug from us.

The Portas said...

Oh, Roller boys!! What a bummer that Isaac and Eli are sick. Get better SOON! I want to see Isaac's supersuit, too!

Grandma Judy said...

Go "Little Wolf". You beat Kenny and Seth!