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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've been ONE busy mama! I mean, really...do you expect anything less from me?

ALL boys are out of school until August 30th. SO..they are always here, messing up my house, watching my television, trying to talk to me...OH MY GOSH...I can't wait until they go back!

Eli cute moment:
Since the birth of Isaac...poor Eli has had to take a backseat to everything. One moment I really miss with his is reading to him every night. It was our routine...it's what we did every night...until we had Isaac. Now that Isaac sleeps in his own room...and Eli is a super star reader...we were talking last week when he found a Harry Potter book. He asked if he could read it...and I said sure! BUT...why don't I read it to you each night!? You see...Eli was too young to remember watching all the movies when they came out...and when he can remember seeing them, they were rated PG13 and I usually ended up out in the halls with him because he was scared. HE DOESN"T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HARRY POTTER! How awesome is that? SO, we're reading everynight. I put Isaac in his crib, and Eli and I snuggle in my bed and read. Eli falls asleep with me and then Joe moves him to his bed.
It's just perfect.
I needed that time with him...and I KNOW that he does too.

Onto Chris.
He asked about DATING today. You see...he's talking (texting) about 50 different girls at the moment...but, the forerunner seems to be this girl he met at summer school with a pierced nose and lip. We talked today about dating once he's 16...and then, it's only group dates. THEN, I asked him if he understood WHY it was only group dates. (you should just see his little face turn red...but, we have to talk about those things...because he'll be SIXTEEN YEARS OLD on Sept. 9th!)
yep...i am OLD!
OH...and he took his Bass guitar out of the closest...and he's plucking at it ALL day now. I suppose he'll be in a rock band soon (don't worry...I'll get you his autograph before he gets too famous)

and Isaac.
He will NOT keep his glasses on his face. He does NOT like to wear the super suit. He continues to scream at us relentlessly until we turn the channel to YoGabbaGabba on the big screen, his playroom tv, and his ipad. seriously.
Sometimes I just make him scream (yes i do)...
but, I do understand his frustration with his lack of communication...
AND...I do like to give my ears a rest...so, gabba stays on FAR too much in my house.
(I am STILL waiting for them to contact me so that we can be on their payroll...I feel like we single handedly told the world about YoGabbaGabba!)
and...if you say, "good job" Isaac...he claps like a madman! You can say, "clap for mommy" and he just gives you a blank stare. "good job Isaac"...crazy clapping.
at least he understands and likes "good job".

and Joe.
My sweetie pie. Continues to look for that most awesome day job that will pay SO MUCH so that I can continue to live in my fairy tale world....but, until that day comes....he got a night job. He'll be working security at some clubs and restaurants in the Venetian. I am so proud of him for not just sitting around and waiting for money to fall from the sky. AND...guess what? This job qualifies for benefits after 90 days and only part time hours...AND..it's the most awesome insurance that we had before that covers ALL Isaac's docs and therapists!
(this is super important for us...for instance...Isaac can't talk or eat...but, our current insurance doesn't cover speech therapy...and I can't afford $80 twice a week for therapy...but, I would like him to talk and eat one day).
SO...my superstar hubby gets a BIG OLE FAT GOLD STAR for taking care of us and doing what he needs to do to make it happen.
He'd shovel poo if he had too...and I'm so proud of him for that.

I think that about covers it.
My house is still messy, the hamster cage needs to be cleaned, I am still the pool man, there's doggy poo that needs to be picked up from outside....but, my pantry is full, the freezer is full, the internet works, the tv works, and the boys are happy...
what else really matters?

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The Simmons Family said...

You are a busy momma! Geez. I don't know what I'd do if I had to pay for therapies. Owen gets early intervention through the state so they come to the house and do feeding, ot, speecn and pt... I think until he's 6.

You should totally move to AZ. Chris would get away from pierced girl and meet a wholesome one. :) Ha. I'm just sayin.

Kathy said...

don't worry...he's already invited the pierced girl to church (he said he would have invited her to seminary...but, she goes to a different high school).

Teresa said...

Reading this makes my heart swell! You are a wonderful person! Aren't you glad you did all that shopping.... food storage.... being prepared.... and how awesome that you read to Eli each night! Keep us posted if he likes Harry P or not!

Grandma Susie said...

OMG! Chris dating this year? Say it isn't so!

I'm so jealous that you get to read Harry Potter with Eli - how fun!

I know Isaac is three, but it sounds like he's going through the "terrible twos" with his little demands. ha ha

Congrats to Joe on getting a job with insurance - not an easy thing to do these days. Your both awesome! And both determined to do what needs to be done for those little boys of yours. We're proud of all of you.

jencooper said...

Bennett loves Harry Potter too!! But, we let him watch the movies (bad mommy!) I know that he is super glad that he is getting some one on one time with you. We have been taking turns putting each kid to put every night so that they alternate each night getting time with Mommy or Daddy.

Chris was looking for a girlfriend on FB not too long ago. I am glad that he found someone to invite to church. Look past the piercings....

Isaac...oh Isaac. I love that kid. It's okay to let him scream sometimes. I am so happy that I had the chance to spend some time with him this summer!!

Way to go, Joe! He is the most amazing man!! I know that he would do whatever it takes to provide for all of you.

The Portas said...

I just love your boys. All of them! Way to go, Joe, for being such an awesome husband and dad. I LOVE that you and Eli have special reading time. And how cute that Chris is asking about dating (and turning red!).

I'm so very happy to hear that your new insurance will cover things that you haven't been able to get up to this point. That is wonderful news!! Get that precious little man all the help he needs.

Lee Family said...

You are such a good Mama reading to Eli everynight, I used to do that also to the girls but have slacked alot since Logan was born. You inspire me to start reading to the girls again. Thank you..

I am glad to hear Joe got a job, sorry it is working nights, I know how you feel. Hang there and I will make it to your side of the world very soon.