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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So...I've told you about Sir Isaac's temper tantrums...
NOW...you can see it with your OWN eyes! (no child was harmed in the making of this video)
PLEASE...tell me...HOW in the world am I suppose to handle this type of behavior. He does this if I look at my cell phone in a store to check the time. If I NEED to use the phone (like talking to insurance companies...)he starts this screaming and I have to go into another room...and he will keep screaming.
He doesn't understand that I know what he wants...and he doesn't understand WHY he can't have it....
and he's a fake cryer...already...oh boy, I'm glad he isn't a girl...it could be much worse!

**Update on the hit and run**
I took Chris to the Urgent Care on Monday after school. The nurse is doing her pre-op assessment...looks at his arm and says,
"oh my, it is swollen. and look, there's an abrasion"
Chris' eyes got SO wide...so looked over at me and said,
"mom...is that serious?"

I almost peed in my pants!

The doc was great...looked him over...all he has is a bruised bone (because he has no fat to protect it). The doc was sweet and gave him a "get out of wrestling for a week" pass...
Chris was the happiest kid on earth.
Still complaining of his poor arm...
still reminding us hourly that he deserves sympathy, because...
he WAS hit by a car.

Eli....he's just chugging right along. He and his friends played in our backyard today...
in the rain..in the mud...made a HUGE mess.
but....how often do they get to play in rain here?

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Amber said...

What a little mess! *total term of endearment!* I guess you'll just have to stay off the phone and keep all of your business to e-mails. ;0)
Chris cracks me up...I feel like I have a version of him living in MY house!
BTW...I just noticed that my mouse moves the clouds and flowers on your header!!! That makes you even MORE cool :0)

Grandma Judy said...

I agree with Amber....Stay OFF the phone. Isaac just wants ALL of your attention. Seems like Chris and Eli need all your attention too! You are just one LOVABLE mom!

Abby said...

Hi Kat,
Isabella went through that stage and what worked HOLD THEM! Have you tried to pick him and hold him while you talk, and walk around at the same time??????????? That worked for us :)

jencooper said...

bahahahahahahahahha!! That is some funny stuff!! Now, aren't you glad that Isaac is doing NORMAL things like throwing tantrums?? That is hysterical!!

I hope that Chris's arm is feeling better.

Take care of those boys.

PS - My sister is coming to Vegas this weekend!

The Portas said...

How dare you try to talk to someone else, MAMA?!?!? Memememeeme, it's all about ME! Elijah does that to me lately, except he just lets out a scream as I'm trying to talk to anyone. Nice. Super cute video, though. I love hearing your cute accent and of course seeing that sweet Isaac face (even if he's fake crying). Silly kid.

I'm glad Chris' arm is ok! I hope you guys have a wonderful day. xo

Tina:0) said...

Oh... My... Goodness!! That was absolutely the cutest thing I've seen! Its like you turned him on by picking up the phone, then off when you put it down! No one can tell you he's not smart... pretty clever if you ask me!!

Glad to hear Chris' arm is okay:0)

Lee Family said...

You are tormenting that child....

And Chris he is way to funny.
Hope your day today gets better, I feel for you.

Sarah said...

I know... if you get a call on your cell phone - call someone on your home phone and let Isaac talk to them and vice versa if you get a call on your home phone! LOL. Although I think it still wouldn't work because he wants his Mama's FULL attention! Such a stinker.