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Monday, January 25, 2010

Toilets, cars, and accidents

I REALLy want to get a pic of Isaac playing in the toilet for you.
BUT...I can't seem to stop myself from screaming and scooping him up when I catch him...so, you'll have to just picture him...on his knees, both hands in the bowl...just splashing around like a mad man! Then, I go in for the removal-swoop...and he screams BLOODY murder...like I'm tearing him apart from the best friend that he's ever had (and note...I've never heard this scream before..not even at a hospital stay)

So, today...I put new door knobs on the bathroom door....in hopes that this will help remind the big boys to keep the door closed.
we'll see.

In other exciting Isaac news...I finally put his little plastic car together and he LOVES it! He can even beep the horn. Eli is such a sweetie...he just pushes Isaac around the house...Isaac beeps and Eli runs around in circles...too darn cute!

The car tastes so yummy!

yep...we're looking at you picking that nose!

and what a sweetie he is...
except...he's having HORRIBLE temper tantrums.
I'm not sure how many more days of constant screaming I can endure...
I think he has multiple personalities.
Is that a DiGeorge thing??

OH...did I mention that ALL the boys skipped school today??
yes they did. Chris complained of a tummy ache. Eli needed breathing treatments. Isaac had a stuffy nose and was up all night. I AM TIRED!

OH...did I mention that Chris got hit by a car today?
YES he did!
This afternoon...his friend called and asked if he wanted to ride bikes to the video game store. NOW...although he skipped school..I thought the fresh air would be good for him...so, sure..go ahead.
About a hour later...I get THE CALL!
I think he's joking at first.
but,no...he was hit by a car on his bike.
The lady stopped and was sorry because she didn't see him because she was ON HER CELL PHONE. A paramedic saw the accident and stopped to look at Chris and bandaged him up.
THEN, they left.
NO ONE called me.
Chris rode his bike another MILE to the game store...THEN, he called me.
(because he was afraid that I wouldn't let him go to the store if I knew he had been hit).
I drove over to pick up the boys and their bikes...
they show me where he accident happened....
and now...
Chris thinks he needs a cast.
Maybe just to get out of wrestling.
Joe worked pretty late tonight...but, brought home a sling for him.
His arm isn't swollen..just scrapped and bruised. He has scrapes and bruises on his legs...
but, mostly...I think he was just scared.
If he complains of pain tomorrow...I'll take it to be x-rayed.
(because I don't think that we have enough medical bills already)

What kind of woman runs over a kid in the BIKE LANE...and just leaves...without calling his parents or leaving her information???

AND...of course I haven't discussed this type of thing with Chris before. Why it's important to get names, insurance info, license plate...something. WHO KNEW he'd be hit by a car.
and...if you're wondering about the bike...
it's ok too.
Just some scratches on it.

There....that's my Monday.
How was yours??

Tune in tomorrow for some other drama that could ONLY happen in THIS CRAZY HOUSE!

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Vanessa said...

What a Monday! I am so glad Chris is okay. I can't believe that lady!!!

I hope the kids get to school tomorrow and Isaac takes a nice long nap so you can relax. You really are a super mom!

Amber said...

What on earth????? I'm hopin it's an "only in Vegas" thing! ;0)
Nuts woman...how many new white hairs do you have?

The Portas said...

Oh my goodness! You are right...what kind of person would hit someone (esp a kid) and just leave?! What in the world?? Well I'm glad Chris is ok. Hopefully he was just shaken up and that there are no serious injuries. Poor guy!

Isaac looks so cute in his little car. He's starting to cruise for girls early, isn't he? :)

Have a good, MORE LOW-KEY Tuesday!

jencooper said...

You have got to be flippin kidding me!!! That is crazy!! Oh my goodness! And she didn't even call you....from the cell phone that she was talking on??

I hate to break it to you...but Isaac is a 2-year old...who is almost 3. Bennett is lucky that he made it to the age of 4!! Late 2's and 3's were so rough on us. Gracie is a temper tantrum throwing fool right now too. Ugh...

I was going to comment about how you have been a slacker and haven't emailed me....but I will forgive you!!

Grandma Judy said...

The one phone call a Grandma NEVER expects........
"Grandma, I got hit by a car, but I'm okay."
Laughter in the background from his MOM.
"No Grandma, I'm REALLY OK. The paramedic bandaged me up"
WHAT ? ! ? !
MOM is STILL laughing in the background.

What's this world coming to?

Sarah said...

I cannot believe she didn't call! Wow. How could you leave and not call. Did she wait for the EMT and made sure he was okay? Little Isaac... throwing fits... surely not. Isaac needs a bathroom of his own - so no one messes it up and he can just go in and splash and have a good 'ole time.

Abby said...

Does Isaac still get baths in the sink? Maybe he is now ready for the TUB; now that he has the SplAShiNg thing down pat!!!

And Chris, things like that happen when we do things that we are not suppose to be doing, hint, hint! Skipping School :) Take care

Lee Family said...

I hope Chris gets to feeling better soon. I cannot beleive some women would just leave like that without even giving her phone number out. Some people I tell ya.

We are in the same boat when it comes to tantrums except Logan has his at night after he has already gone to bed then wakes up having them. Oh how fun it is.

Call me when you get a chance, I called Saturday and Tuesday.
Hope your week gets better.

Andrea said...

Yikes!! Did the paradmedics call the police? That seems so strange that she would just leave. Wow! That's so crazy and scary.

cindy said...

Wow, that's just nuts! I'm like a broken record of everyone else now, but all I could think of when I was reading was "Oh no she didn't!!" She must not have kids...or common sense. It's kinda like a hit and run...since Chris is a kid and can't make the decision to let her leave! She couldn't have even tucked a business card in his shirt pocket so you'd have her number? Just can't imagine that! So glad he is ok!

Isaac is so silly. I have the funniest/grossest image of that sweet boy sloshing around in the toilet. Thanks for that! :)

Hope you get some sleep tonight!!