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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's missing?

What's missing from this pictures??
yes Isaac..I'm talking to YOU!
OK..here's the exhibitionist coming in from outside...
Oh...I see...you lost your pants..
and your socks...
(while climbing OUT the doggy door...
even thought the sliding door was open)

and Eli...
you're going to shoot your eye out!
My sweet Isaac has been swallowed by a beast. That beast has taken on the form of Isaac and has been impersonating our sweet son. Although, the beast does a horrible job...he screams, cries, throws tantrums, wants to be held all day, only wants to watch YoGabbaGabba...

How do I get the beast to let sweet Isaac out??
There has to be an app for that? right?

I tell you...that boy. kILLING ME!
He went to bed last night about 9 or 10...but, was up every hour screaming until about 3am. Because he doesn't talk or sign...I don't know if his ears hurt, his legs hurt, if he has a tummy ache....I'm just guessing. After of dose of Motrin (which by now, is slowing eating away his liver)...he fell asleep. SO, I was able to get a good two hours of sleep before getting up with Chris for seminary....where I made his lunch, got him off...made Joe's lunch...and went BACK to bed for another hour before getting up to get Eli ready and off to school.

I cannot wait until Chris starts driving!! I have BIG plans for that boy. I'll buy his gas and insurance...because he's running all my errands!


Other than Isaac being the cutest beast to ever crawl in this world...he's been remarkably healthy. Amazing! Eli had a great day at school and ended it playing "club penguin" online (which makes him the happiest little boy ever!) and Chris. He made it through one day of exams...another day of wrestling practice...and didn't eat all the food in our house (I think he has worms).

Someone needs to clean out the hamster cage...it stinks. Do you think I can hook up the Dyson to it and suck all the stuff out?? (I'll take the hamster our first)
just thinking about efficiency!

thanks for checking on us!

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Amber said...

seriously...I rarely come here and leave without a smile on my face! You crack me up!!
Yes, I say try the Dyson! I myself, took our wet/dry vac from the garage and cleaned out the fire place. It worked beautifully...however, when hubby went to use it the next time...soot went EVERYWHERE...not the best moment in the Baker home!
Note to self: don't try to surprise him by cleaning out the fire place. ;0)

Grandma Judy said...

Ah, just put some leggings on Isaac and let him go. They should stick to his legs.

And, for the temper tantrums...just
give him everything he wants!

The Portas said...

Sounds like Isaac and Elijah both need to go to SLEEPING SCHOOL! Our good sleeper has not been sleeping lately and it's driving me nutty!!

When does Chris get his license? Can he drive up to MN and run some errands for me, too?

Ok, what are the dates you guys will be in SD? How exciting!! I will be big and round and on the verge of having a baby at that point, but I would love for our little boys to finally meet!!!!!

Have a good day! Thanks for the update. xo

jencooper said...

I am so sorry. I feel like the exhibitionist got his new tricks from the Cooper household....you know that both of my kids like to be naked!

He sure is a cutie!! And welcome to the wonderful age of 3. Bennett was a doll baby....until he was about to turn 3....and then he was LUCKY that he made it to the age of 4. It was a LONG year! Gracie started early....she has already been captured by the beast!

I hope that Chris is rocking his exams.

Send Elijah and Isaac down to me...Gracie is sleeping better but I am up all night long. I will play with them.....

Sarah said...

So Evan would just fit right in with your group. He undresses almost as soon as he gets his shoes off when he gets home. He only sleeps well if it is with me, sigh... Our boys, you just have to love them. Hope you get a nap in today!

Lee Family said...

That is typical of Isaac going out side the hardway. Just to cute. Do you still need help cleaning out the cage, Call me and I will come over no problem at all.