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Saturday, January 16, 2010

three boys....FOR SALE by owner

THIS is Isaac....
THESE are Isaac's teeth...
THIS is MY shoe...
THIS is what Isaac's TEETH did to MY shoe.
Please do not comment on my grout. WHO puts white tile and white grout in a kitchen??
An idiot...that's WHO!
(and this cheapo stuff was here when we moved here...and so, it will stay)

THIS is Eli...
who's decided to be a little asthmatic today...
(like we're bored and NEED something to do!)
I can't remember what I've posted about my boys this week and their screw-ups...
and NO, there is NOT a better word for it...they're grounded for causing me such grief this week.
Let us review, shall we:

Monday--Chris looked me in the face and LIED about not having wrestling practice.

Tuesday afternoon--I pick up Eli from school, and the teacher proceeds to tell me how crazy Eli is and a story he told her. He told her that he loved playing video games and didn't want to stop this weekend, so he TAPED a water bottle to his leg to pee in so that he didn't have to stop playing.
So, I looked at Eli and said, "Eli...did you say this?" (because, as funny as it is...I'm SURE it didn't happen).
Eli said, "well, I'm sure I did it when I was like three or something"

Tuesday night--Eli walked down the stairs in tears...Chris following behind him yelling, "it was just an accident..my hand slipped"...as I see a HAND print on Eli's back

Wednesday night--I'm laying vinyl tile in my bathroom and ask Eli to sit with me while I work and tell me what he wrote for his homework. We talked about his answers and then I asked him to put his homework in his backpack...
Thursday morning--I check on that homework (mostly, to see the handwriting attempt)...and ELIAS didn't write ONE SINGLE WORD in English...he wrote squiggly lines on FOUR papers of homework.

Friday night--Eli ran into the kitchen and bolted out VERY fast. I said, "get back here Eli...what did you take?"
Eli said, "NOTHING mom".
"ok mom...I took a pop tart"
really...you LIED again?

Isaac was the one that behaved the best this week...and that includes him eating my shoes!

I think aliens came to Vegas this week and sucked their brains out...
there can't be any other reason for such behavior.

Today was good.
Well....after a night of NO sleep with Isaac...
I got up with Chris at 5:30AM to take him to school for a wrestling meet.
and I went back to bed.
Joe took Eli and drove ACROSS the world to the other side of Vegas to where the meet was. They got there about 8:00.... only to find out it was regionals and there were FOUR other buses full of kids! (yikes...I think it might be a long day)
Isaac and I left the house at 9am...and didn't get there until 9:45am. There is NO a/c in this gym...and it's HOT in there
(I know...hard for you guys to imagine...trust me...THE STINK in the air would make you a believer)
Mandy even showed up to watch.
Chris wrestled three times...
didn't win any matches...
but, this was his first time and he did great.
Isaac, Eli and I stayed until about 1:30 and then we left.
Joe held out until Chris's last match and left about 3:00....
and Chris didn't get home until 6:30PM...
whew...that was ONE long day.
I felt bad...but, the little guys and I took a nap at home while poor Chris was still at the meet!
(that's Chris in the purple workout suit...)
We've been up for a few hours now...
Joe and I put together a race car track for Eli, Isaac is stuck to me like glue, and Chris ate pizza and went to bed!

tomorrow is church.
we will be good and get our old bums up and go...
I'm sure the boys will get into something tomorrow....and I'll have more to share!

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Mandy said...

lol!!! Welcome to my world :)

I finally got the videos uploaded on my facebook account. I tagged Chris in the long one but can't figure out how to in the short one. If you want me to email them to you let me know.

Have fun at church in the morning. :)

Grandma Judy said...

Typical life at the Rollers!

The Portas said...

Oh, what fun boys are, aren't they? This is what I have to look forward to in a few years! :) They definitely keep you on your toes. At least you don't have to deal with all that girl DRAMA, though.

I hope you all had a nice relaxing day yesterday. You deserve it!

jencooper said...

Me! Me! I will take them! All 3 of them!!

Silly boys...tell them to leave you alone and BE NICE!

We love you guys!

Lee Family said...

I was laughing when I read this post, I feel your pain my girls cause me Drama everyday. They have also been lying to me these past few months I think something is in the air.