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Monday, January 04, 2010

Nothing new...

I don't have any new cute pics to post...because someONE has been keeping me very busy. By lunchtime today...I had cleaned up THREE throw up episodes and FOUR poopy diapers...and needed to pick up the big kids for high school, clean the house for the Katie Beckett caseworker...and here little man is making a mess of everything.

He's still not feeling great. I don't know what's going on. He's throwing up his milk and that slime that he does. I did get a script today for a suction machine. I'm calling the home health place tomorrow and hope that it might help him if I can keep him all sucked out! (I'm a MAD woman with the snot sucker...I'll have every booger and excess saliva sucked right out of my man!...I can't wait!)

Chris bought some new parts for his car this weekend....one of which was a black and white set of fuzzy dice that NEEDED to be immediately hung from the rear view mirror....and a new black, leather cover for the steering wheel (for the car that no one will drive anytime soon).

Eli needed breathing treatments last night and this morning...but, seems to be doing much better tonight. Our dog keeps a close eye on that hamster...I hope it never gets out, or I'm afraid that Katie (the dog) will eat him (Reggie, the hamster).

Joe and I BOTH ran on the treadmill tonight. Ok, he runs...I just walk fast. It takes me about 17 minutes to make it a mile (don't read that Andrea). I'll get it...I'll get it. But, I suppose that SOME walking is better than NO walking...and my expanding waistline will soon LOVE me~

Mr. Mess-up-my-house took a SUPER late nap, so it's almost midnight...and he's WIDE awake.
gosh...it's going to be a late night.

I hope you all have a super Tuesday.

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Sarah said...

Hope you get your hands on that snot sucking machine. I would be the same way!

Grandma Judy said...

Get well soon Isaac.

Tina:0) said...

I am terrible... can you ever forgive me for being absent?!

Poor Isaac... hope he's feeling better soon! As for the staying home on New Year's... Jon & I played the Wii until right before midnight, then after watching the ball drop & putting Gabby to bed (little stinker made it to watch the drop!) we played again until about 2:30!! Oh, well... we had fun & we were warm!!

Hope the suction machine helps out!

jencooper said...

Isaac - be nice to you mama!! I am sorry to hear that he is giving you fits! I hope that he starts feeling better very soon.

Good for you for walking on the treadmill! You are doing better than me!

I know I owe you an email....

cindy said...

Just got home from Alabama a few days ago and am trying to catch up on all the action! Since you're old and boring now, though, guess I didn't miss much! haha

Wow, Steph's gonna be SO jealous about Chris getting a car. My poor kid hasn't even taken drivers ed yet and her birthday is in March!

Isaac looks like such a big kid with his new walker. He's gonna get the hang of that thing, just you wait and see!! Sorry about all the throwing up and poop, though. Yuck!

Sending lots of love!

The Portas said...

Ohhhh, I hope that throwing up stops soon and I want to see pics of the fuzzy dice!

Praying for a healthy week for the whole family!

kaisa said...

You actually don't need the suction machine, just use Nosefrida! It's a nasal aspirator that doctors recommend, and there are lots of pediatricians that tell their patients to get a Nosefrida before resorting to a machine. You can see lots of info on our website! www.nosefrida.com.
Hope congestion gets better soon!