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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mean doggy, Cool Isaac

Can anyone tell what this first picture is of??
Well...let me tell you. It's Reggie's cage (the hamster). While I was at the store yesterday, Katie (the dog) decided to jump on the buffet where the hamster cage sits and knock it over (in attempts to eat the hamster). Luckily, Joe jumped up (thinking the noise was from Isaac) and rescued Reggie before Katie was able to gobble her up.
Eli called Joe "Batman"...saying that he was the hero and Katie was the villain.
So...sweet Joe saved the day (I would hate for Eli to have witnessed his hamster become a doggy treat)

And...now we have Isaac.
Notice how he's SO happy..just sitting in the middle of the couch.
THAT is his spot...
I sit where the pillow is...
and he's RIGHT beside me AT ALL TIMES...
smiling and so happy to be there.

Just a laid back little guy...
Still relaxing...
Picking a little boogey...
ewww gross Isaac!
(I suppose that's good fine motor skills...huh?)
The boys and I didn't really do anything on this fine holiday.
I went shopping a little with Mandy...
it rained...
we came home.
I then decided to drop the boys off at her house to play...where she fed them dinner.
I mopped my floor (on my hands and knees), cleaned the downstairs, and played with Isaac.

The big boys eventually made it home...
they showered...
and are now asleep.
Isaac is now awake..
a cranky pants..

I did make rice krispy treats tonight..
and I've eaten three already.
not good.
not good at all!

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The Portas said...

Way to go, Batman Joe!! I'm sure Reggie will be eternally grateful for your great save. :)

Look at your little sidekick sitting there in his spot. I love it! He could not be any cuter.

Have a good day! Mmmmm, rice krispie treats, I think you've inspired me to make some.

Grandma Judy said...

Thank goodness you had recently cleaned out the cage, or that would have been one stinky clean up!

I am glad to see Isaac has found "his place" in life at a higher elevation. I hate seeing him on the floor so much.

jencooper said...

So, how did the boogey taste??

Way to go, Joe!! I am so happy that Eli has such a hero to look up to on a daily basis.

Isaac looks like such a man sitting on the couch. And, honestly, could he be any cuter??

PS - I LOVE Rice Krispy treats. Yum!

Sarah said...

I love his little spot on the couch! I also love homemade Rice Krispy treats! Could you bring some by my office?

Anonymous said...

No one could make up all the "exciting" things that happen in your family. Always good for some entertainment!
Kate's Nana

Mami Adame said...

Haven't been here in a long time...I LOVE your new lay out! I need to check it out more but it looks fabulous! Isaac is looking so grown up, they all are, time just flies by doesn't it?

cindy said...

Nice save, Joe! But honestly, how sad would you REALLY have been if the dog got to the hamster? I'm just sayin' ;)....

Love the picture of Isaac sitting in his seat. He looks like such a grown-up up. All he's missing is a remote in his hand....instead of a bugger! hehe