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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gross Baby

Eating the "door" to the doggy door.
Yes..it is gross.
NEVER been washed.
I suppose I should.

Helping MOM load the dishwasher..
because NO one else does...
Licking the dirty water off his fat fingers...
because, it's yummy!
Trying to lay down and rest...
but, mom's all in my grill with that dumb camera!

**Fact...Las Vegas received MORE rain in the last two days THAN all of 2009! AND..it's still raining outside. **

Just in case you were wondering about the weather!

I've missed a few days blogging...because my kids have gone crazy AGAIN!

It's Isaac.

Let us venture back two days ago. It was 10:30am. I know the time, because I had just fed Isaac...cleaned him off, put his meds and food away and he was crawling around. I walked through the garage to the driveway...where I opened the van, got my coupon binder out, and walked back in the house.
What do I see when I come in?
Picture Isaac...he is doing that head-stand that he does...but, crying. Why?
Because he has thrown up. He has it on his face, shirt, out his nose...and because he feels the need to do a head-stand...it's all on the top of his head!
I swoop him up, suction out his mouth and nose...wipe off the face, shirt, and top of head and take him upstairs for a bath. I did NOT clean the floor yet...I needed to bathe Isaac first.
I return after a quick 5-minute bath with him...only to find that HALF of the throw up was missing??
The dumb dog ate half of the throw up.

Now..let us fast forward to about 4pm (same day). I'm working on the computer and Isaac is playing with his toys. Suddenly the house is quiet. OH CRAP...that means that Isaac is INTO something! I rush into the toy room....NO Isaac. I look in the laundry room..NO Isaac. I hear giggles...he's in the BATHROOM. NOT playing in the shower, NOT eating the floor mats....BUT, BOTH OF HIS HANDS ARE SPLASHING IN THE TOILET....that is NOT exactly perfectly clean because I live in a house full of boys.
I swoop in once again to grab that boy, say "NO NO NO" while he giggles...then screams when he realizes that I've taken him away from the best place EVER!
We have to take ANOTHER BATH...I am SO grossed out by the end of the day.

So....three more times since Tuesday....I've found him playing in the toilet. The boys keep leaving the door open or not closed completely...and he knows to push on it JUST to make sure that it's closed.

What am I going to do with him??

Today, we spent 4 hours for his evaluation to transition from Early Interventions to the school district. All the ladies were so nice. We don't get the results until March...but, really...I know how my butterball is doing...but, the poor ladies felt so bad asking me all those questions.

They start asking "age appropriate" questions:
"Does your child....."
Then, as I keep answering "No"....the questions go backwards until you hear:
"Does your toddler ..."
I'm STILL answering "No" to the questions....and then you hear:
"Does your baby...".....and to be honest...most of those were still No.

I think they thought I was going to freak out on them...but, I know that he's my eternal babydoll!
He will wave, point, babble, and talk one day....
and I'm just fine waiting until he's ready.

The ot and pt there did give me new ideas and things to try with him.
I'll just add it to the "STUFF YOU NEED TO DO EACH DAY AND NEVER GET TO" list....

I think Chris wrestles again on Saturday.
NOT looking forward to NOT sleeping in and spending the day smelling sweaty teenagers.

Eli did his homework this week...only because he FEARED me and my angry voice.
(he came home today and told me that his teacher said that he could bring his hamster to school...I don't think I'm believing that one...I'll just wait until I talk to her.)

Just in case you WERE wondering what Isaac DOES do at 34 months old...he:
  • sits independently
  • crawls everywhere
  • pulls to stand
  • gives kisses
  • starting to use a walker and move those feet
  • already outgrowing his first pair of leg braces
  • leaves his glasses on MOST of the day
  • presses buttons on toys
  • still LOVES YoGabbaGabba
  • throws temper tantrums now
  • follows me around the house (this just started)
  • is in LOVE with the bathroom and every aspect of it
  • still eats shoes
  • likes to pull all the magnet letters off the fridge
  • likes to pull off all the dish towels that hang on the oven door
  • picks up everything on the floor and puts it in his mouth (food, money, dog food)
  • stays up until 10pm each night
  • still has restless nights with those legs moving around alot
  • hasn't required O2 in months
  • still has his wretching and throwing up days
  • LOVES to play Itsy Bitsy Spider 50 times a day
  • takes his socks off all day
  • has little eczema bumps all over his little body
  • eats about 1-2 jars of stage 2 baby food a day (still in the bouncy seat)
  • gets fed five times a day
  • weighs 25 pounds, 34 inches long
Ask me if I left something out...
just being alive is amazing...
so, all those bullet points are just extras in my book!

Thanks for checking in on us...
I'm sure that I'll have more adventures to brag about tomorrow!

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Grandma Judy said...

My dear Kat, you are really on a roll. Now tell us what your 7 year old can do!

Oh, I DID tell Eli to ask his teacher if Reggie could go spend a week in the classroom. The poor hamster needs a break from Katie.

The Portas said...

I don't think I know a more amazing little boy than Isaac. And I definitely don't know a more amazing mama than YOU. You are right! Isaac is HERE, and he is crawling around everywhere and exploring his environment and making progress and all of that is AMAZING! I'm so so proud of who he is and where he is at!

Now, that must be a boy thing. I don't think they understand that toilets are yucky. I know Elijah doesn't get that. I have caught him splish-splashing in our toilets many times.

I hope you guys have a nice weekend! Good luck at the wrestling meet, CHRIS!

Sarah said...

Oh boy... that little guy just loves to put everything he is not supposed to put in his mouth! He is so cute though... Does Isaac's meds have any effect on the dog? You know when the dog eats his vomit? Oh gross!!!! Hope you have a good weekend and maybe sleep in at least one day.

jencooper said...

Isaac is the BOMB DIGGITY!! Look at all of the things that boy can do!! Woohoo!!

And playing in the toilet? ahahahaha!

Please tell your boys to behave so that you can provide me daily entertainment on your blog!

Tera said...

hey! isaac is getting so big, we need to get together soon, how is everyone? talk to ya soon...tera

Vanessa said...

Oh that little stinker! I would say to put a toilet lock on it but not sure how well they work.

I am SO proud of all that Isaac is doing! You have given him an amazing start at life and he will continue to impress us all!

Lee Family said...

I just wanted to let you know that I think Isaac is one amazing little boy. He does so much.

Hope you have a better weekend :)

Sherri said...

What a cutie!! We take what we can get right?

Claire said...

He sounds like an utter poppet!


Abby said...

I remember those toilet days!!! They will soon be arriving again :)
Just a warning, after I caught Lauren and Carter in the toilet one day, I snapped a few pics then took them to the bathtub. A a day or two later they developed pink eye?! From that exciting adventure, or not, I don't know!!!??? BE CAREFUL!