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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend in Review

Here's a RARE picture of ME!
The purpose of this picture is to show off the running jacket.
Joe and the boys got it for me for Christmas (along with some cute running pants).
I put it on...got ready to walk out of the house..
and noticed PUFFY SLEEVES!
Seriously? WHO makes a running jacket with puffy sleeves?
I felt like it had shoulder pads in it!
oh well....I wore it out in public.
I've already got a man....so, who cares?
and Sir Isaac.
STILL eating everything under the sun. He has to constantly
have something in his mouth!

This is just one of his newest favorite toys...
move the monkey's arms...and he sings.
Isaac LOVES anything that plays music.
he loves to eat them...
on the floor...
and make a mess!
at least it helps with his fine motor skills.
(and yes...I vacuum the floor multiple times each day)
We saw the neurologist on Friday. He said that Isaac looked great! Then, asked me if I was able to "manage his behavior" ok? WHAT??? My Isaac is an angel! Why do you ask?
Well...he told me to expect some bad behavior coming soon. (It's a digeorge thing)....
boy, I can't wait for that!
or...we could be lucky and it skip us....I would NOT complain about that one!
I did forget to ask him about Isaac's restless legs. urgghh... and we don't go back until 6 months. I guess if it gets worse...I'll just talk to our ped about it.

Eli had a sleepover on Friday night...and actually SLEPT over! Then, we all met up at Lowe's to do the kid's workshop.

Chris is grounded! He's doing horrible in science...
and so he will NOT see a video game for WEEKS until I see better grades. He has exams this week...I hope he survives this week!

I am ONE MEAN mama!

We are bad. We did not attend church today. It was just an overwhelming weekend...so much achieved...so much YET to do....
I'm sorry.
We'll do better and go next Sunday.

I think our only appointment this week is with the dermatologist and I'll try and get him into a pt session in the community.

OH...and my drivers license expired...so, one day I should go and spend the day at the dmv.
oh joy.

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Mandy said...

Gosh Kathy...... Did you atleast make it out to Target today? If not we can go in the morning. Meghan was upset that she didn't see you today but she finally went to the potty all day!! She kept asking to go to your house to get a toy. :)

Call us in the morning. I'll turn my phone back on.

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tina:0) said...

Glad to hear everything is going fairly well:0) Looks like Issac is really munching on those crackers!

Don't have too much fun at the DMV;0) Hope you have a good week!! Give that munchin' munchkin hugs from us!

jencooper said...

Ummm....it's about time!! I was starting to worry about you!!

I love Mr. Isaac and his cracker mouth. He is adorable!!

I am proud of Eli for sleeping over! Way to go buddy!

Chris....do better. We have exams this week too. I hope that he is able to get some good studying in.

We miss you guys!

Lee Family said...

Glad to hear everything is going good and only one appt this week. Leaves you more time to shop :)
Let me knpow of any good deals around town oh and when does Old Navy start clearancing there clearance rack to 50% off.
Enjoy your week.

Grandma Judy said...

Please get Isaac and his food off the floor. At least put him in his little chair when he is snacking.
Food on the floor makes this Grandma cringe.

OH NO, I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT. I had promised to be nice.

Enjoyed all the pictures.

The Portas said...

I think Isaac is just going to go ahead and skip that bad behavior stage and continue being the sweet angel that he is. :) He certainly is just the cutest little boy. I could look at Isaac pics all day!

Did you see the video on our blog of Elijah giving a shout out to "Baby Isaac"? It's so funny. You guys sent some stuff to the hospital back when E had his last OHS. One of the things was a stuffed turtle that plays music. The other day Elijah found it in his pile of stuffed animals and exclaimed, "BABY ISAAC!" I have no idea how he remembered you guys sent that. I must have told him at some point. Anyway, he has just been in love with this turtle for a couple weeks now and always repeats Isaac's name every time he plays with it.

I hope Chris' science grade magically gets better! Your puffy-sleeved running jacket observation made me laugh.

Have a great week!! xo

cindy said...

Who puts puffy sleeves on a running jacket? Good for you for wearing it with pride! After all, it was given to you with love!

I can't imagine Isaac all of a sudden turning into a monster. He's waaay too sweet to change!

Yay Eli for doing great at the sleepover. And I sure hope Chris does better in science and does great on his exams. Steph has hers this week, too. No video games is surely a great motivator!!!!


BJ said...

Ok, this may sound wierd but it's just something I wonder at times. It seems that most kids that I have either met or talked with their parents that have CHD have loved music. Macy Jane loves anything that has music and I am just curious if God has the angels play beautiful music for our little angels during their surgeries and hospitalizations? I know most kids love music and I could just be sleep deprived but I like to think that since our kiddos have to go through so much, God soothed them with music. :) OK...I sound crazy.

So glad to hear that Isaac is doing okay! He is getting so big and he is a handsome little guy. Macy Jane and Isaac need to meet.