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Thursday, June 10, 2010

No time for pictures...again...

Well...we were a BIT busy today.

I was able to sleep in until 7:30 this morning. I went downstairs...got Isaac's feeding pump filled, and went back up to a sleeping Isaac to plug him up while he slept. I went back downstairs to make Joe's lunch...when I heard a happy Isaac babbling! SO, back upstairs I go to UNplug Isaac, bring the pump and Isaac DOWNstairs, and start him back up. I have to wait until he finishes eating before I can shower and get ready because we have physical therapy at 8:45.
Isaac is doing such a great job at therapy. He can walk along a wall (a sideways walk)--and that's me holding Yo Gabba Gabba in front of him luring him along (whatever it takes).

After therapy, I rush home to send out an email for Joe, then we sneak back out to visit ToysRus to get Eli's birthday present for this weekend.

We make it back home by 11am just in time to feed him and see Chris BOLT down the stairs SCREAMING that he NEEDS to go to the DMV NOW before he forgets everything.

and so we do. We pile up in the car and are at the DMV by noon. He takes the test...and PASSES! Then, he waits in another line for about an hour to get his picture taken... BUT...we're NOT finished yet..there is ANOTHER line that you have to wait in to finalize the process. There's about 90 people in front of him (literally). They were on 770 and his number was like 853! Who knows HOW long that wait would be...so, we leave Chris in line while the little guys and I run down the road to the AT&T store (because some TEENAGER in my house lost his cell phone again)...and I was able to get a new sim card for an old phone.
We decide NOT to stop and get lunch, but to go back to DMV and check on Chris.
and...I think it's important to tell all you NON-LasVegas peeps that the DMV here is the most horrible place on earth! Not only are the lines ridiculously long, BUT there is NO parking for the amount of people that are stuffed into that building. SO, after multiple circles of the parking lot, we score a spot and find Chris. There are still about 50 people in front of him..so, we give him his new cell phone and leave again.
This time, the little guys and I head on over to Target. There are things I NEED...we get them, and while we're checking out, I get a call from Chris, "Mom...there are only FOUR PEOPLE in front of me...hurry back!"
and we do.
because in my former life...I was a Nascar driver.
As I'm pulling into the DMV, my cell rings, "MOM...I'm finished...but, need $22 MORE!"
LUCKILY, I had some cash on me...I called Chris on my cell, handed the phone and cash to Eli and dropped him off at the front of the DMV and told him to find Chris.
(don't worry...the most horrible place on earth is safe for an almost-eight year old)
As I make my third circle around the parking lot...I see my boys...beaming from ear to ear.
They quick hop in the car! WE DID IT! Chris has his permit...Eli found Chris...THEY found me...and I stop the car so that Chris can drive home.
BUT...he doesn't want to.
he's scared:)
that figures.
We then stop by our physical therapy office to pick up some toys we left for other kiddos to play with...
and went home.
Time to feed Isaac...and Eli...and Chris.
then, I inhaled my lunch while watching The YOUNG and the RESTLESS (shh..don't judge).
Gosh...what time is it now? Like 4:00??...maybe 5?
I NEED to get over to CVS to check for clearance goodies and then to Albertson's because they have DOUBLE coupons!
(i will not bore you with my FREEBIES)...but, we got in our car and headed home (all of 2 miles away)
when I heard a noise.
I start driving slower...
Gosh...I'm just not sure if I can make it home..but, Walmart is only 2 blocks away. I'm only going 5 miles an hour...and a guy driving in the opposite direction tells me to stop and he'll pump up my tire.
until he sees that it's totally shredded...so, he changes it for me (how stinkin' sweet) (and guess what...my spare tire had a nail in it...but, it was still inflated..just CRAZY)
I make it to Walmart...
where of course they only have the most expensive tire in stock...so, they're going to replace the flat tire and fix the spare tire...
and then we wait...
until about 7:30...
(I need to say...joe was already home for work and offered to come pick us up...except, silly me had the van keys in my purse and I was driving the car...and we won't all fit on the motorcycle)

have I told you lately that I'm tired?
have I told you lately that drama finds us and seeks us out??
BUT...in all that craziness...look at what I was able to accomplish:
  • Isaac at therapy
  • sim card for Chris
  • permit for Chris
  • goodies at Target
  • toy drop off at physical therapy
  • groceries at Albertson's
  • clearance deals at CVS
  • ordered Eli's cake while stuck at Walmart
  • spare tire fixed
now...I think the car needs gas...but, maybe Joe will see it and fill it up for me:)

ok...peanut is crying...and I'm watching Toddlers and Tiaras...those moms on that show just make me LAUGH!

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Grandma Susie said...

Kathy . . . you make ME laugh! What a crazy day, but so glad your still able to look at the bright side of it all! Congrats to Chris, Yeah for Isaac and almost Happy Birhtday to Eli.
love you all

The Simmons Family said...

I don't know whats funnier... the fact that you did it all, or that we are TOO alike!! :)

Lee Family said...

OMG, you had me laughing the entire time. I have had a lot of those days. Hope you have a good Friday.

Teresa said...

OMG... I am exhausted from picturing all this!

The Portas said...

Holy cow!!!! I don't even know what to say about all of that. And the Vegas DMV sounds horrible! Ugh. Congrats to Chris and prayers set your way for REST.

jencooper said...

AHHHH......how do you manage to stay sane??

I am looking forward to my visit!! (email me back...)

Grandma Judy said...

Don't you wish you had GIRLS?