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Monday, June 07, 2010

Where's Isaac?

I did....

I lost Isaac.
Maybe I shouldn't admit what a horrible mom I am...
but, I lost Isaac.

On Saturday, we were all working around the house...getting things together to donate. We were downstairs, upstairs, in and out of the garage, putting things in the van. When we all seemed to gather in the living room...and ask, "Where's Isaac?"
We didn't hear all the noise from his toys...
We split up...I went outside to check around the pool (even though it's fenced in, you can never be too sure), Eli went on the other side of the back yard, Joe looked upstairs (just in case someone took him up and forgot to help him down), and I sent Chris to look in the front yard (I know..a long shot...but, he needed to look somewhere).
When what to my wondering eyes should appear...but CHRIS walking in the house with a DIRTY Isaac!
He must have found the door leading from the laundry room to the garage left ajar and then SOMEHOW managed to scoot through our TOTALLY MESSY garage...where he was found in the ROAD.
Yes...the road.
Where, I might add, the recycle guy was on the other side of the cul-de-sac.
It is a complete miracle that we found him....when we did.
Now..we are totally all freaked out by this and worried that it could happen again.
Anyone could leave an outside door ajar at anytime...and Isaac doesn't understand danger.
SO...we have to work on a plan to put alarms on all doors, an alarm on the pool, and maybe even a gps on Isaac (not joking). Try calling a kiddo's name and waiting for a "I'm over here mom"....when he can't talk.

So there...
I'm all out there...
airing my dirty laundry..
hoping that social services doesn't monitor my blog for quality assurance.

After all that drama on Saturday...it leads us to Sunday. Isaac has been the little beast lately...showing his larger than life attitude...so, Joe stayed home with him while I took the big boys to church. That was really nice (I mean...I missed Joe and Isaac...but, it sure was nice to be able to sit in class and actually hear what was being taught).

Oh wait...Chris took his permit test AGAIN on Saturday. He didn't pass:(...so, we're off tomorrow to try again. (third time's a charm...right?)

We're all doing really well. Our tummies are getting back to normal, it is HOT here, Chris is teaching Eli how to swim, Chris is almost registered for summer school, Isaac is working hard at therapy, Joe is working hard at work, and I....I'm still holding the couch down!

oh...wait again. Sunday was our anniversary. It feels like we've been married for 50 years (don't we look good for our age?) My sweet got a hammock for me and my own personal mister to stand beside it....
I LOVE IT...and him too!

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Sarah said...

Oh Kathy... he is one brave little guy. Evan would freak out if he was left in the garage alone besides wander on out into the street by himself. Little stinker. I'm with you... GPS tracking for the little guy.

jencooper said...

Wow....what a man. He just wanted to explore, mom!! I can't believe that he made it that far!!

Good luck Chris!!

Lee Family said...

Wow that is very scary, I am so glad you found him in time. He is very sneaky.. Happy Anniversary, our is coming up in August It feels like we have been married for ever :) Hope you have a great day.

The Simmons Family said...

Yikes... sounds like you need some oxygen tubing to track Issac down when he disappears. That's our little trick... follow the tube!