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Monday, June 28, 2010

tutu for boys?


I have NO time to spare...
but, I did want to give you a quickie update on Isaac and our family.

Isaac had a gi appt on Friday. He weighs in at 25 pounds and is 36 inches tall. He's been this weight and height for a while now...SO, it's time to kick it up a little. We've started him on an appetite stimulant that he'll take twice a day. We go back in for a check up in 2 months to see if it helps his eat more or gain a little more weight.

Mr. Isaac had an ENT appointment today to check out those tubes. (he's still on antibiotics from last week's ear infection). Well...it appears that he only had these tubes put in last November...and he might NOT make it to this November. I'm suppose to call them and go in when he has his next ear infection (which...should be in about three weeks if Isaac stays true to his normal schedule).

Chris...his last day of FIRST summer session ends on Thursday. If he makes beLOW a "B" in this class...he will NOT even look at a television until his first report card of 11th grade!
(i don't even want to talk about him anymore...)

Eli...this boy is why I don't have time tonight. I need to go up and make him a RED TUTU to wear to school tomorrow. It's "crazy" day...and he found a ladybug headband, wings...and now would like a matching tutu.
I'm trying to make it NOT too puffy...so they don't send him home for cross-dressing...

let's hope.

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The Portas said...

Your boys sure do keep you busy. I want to see pics of Eli's red tutu!!

Sarah said...

I want a picture of Eli too!! I swear... if we only lived closer - he and Evan would be best of friends.

jencooper said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow....I am leaving tomorrow!! Woohoo!!! I can't wait to see you guys!!!

Vanessa said...

You have to post pictures of Eli's outfit!

kc'sbunch said...

You HAVE to post a picture of the CRAZY LADY BUG. I love when kids get creative!