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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I don't like that song!


Isaac has been a stinker all weekend...and with ANOTHER sleepless night in Vegas Monday night...I woke up on Tuesday and made him an appointment with our ped.
GOOD thing...someONE has a double ear infection.
I suspected it..with his attitude (he has no other symptoms..NOT even drainage from the tubes)..so, I was already putting drops in his ears all weekend. Well...I suppose it was a good thing. I can't imagine how much they would have hurt without the drops.

Fast forward to today...
he's fine.
A fabulous fart blossom...but, fine.
Chris is almost finished with his first session of summer school, and Eli is still the apple of my eye. OH...and he (Eli) started scouts this week! (I took pictures of his uniform...and will share later in the week)

I started singing a new song to Isaac this week. It's one that Eli had to learn for church. Watch his reaction to it...
(you JUST might need to go pee first!)

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Lee Family said...

OMG that is so funny, He is such a ham. Glad to hear he is feeling better. Isaac is just to funny.

Sarah said...

Started my work day with a laugh! That is hilarious.

mina said...

Thanks for the 'pee' warning! That was so funny :)

Grandma Judy said...

He knows what songs he likes.

Cindy said...

Hi friend! SO sorry to be MIA with my signing...My computer crashed, so I've had to read updates on my phone, but it's much easier to read than to comment! Just got a new laptop so I'll be better now!! :)

Love the video of Isaac. How freakin' funny!

Sorry about the early morning summer school. Steph has had practice every morning and I've been whining about getting her there for that...and it doesn't start 'till 9!!

jencooper said...

HAHAHA!! That is hysterical!! I can't wait to get there and snuggle on that boy!!


The Portas said...

I almost peed my pants I am laughing so hard at that video! That is hilarious. I hope the ears get better quickly!! Sleep, boys, sleep! Let your mama SLEEP!!!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I didn't go pee first! That is sooooo funny! He is so smart! And cute!

Teresa West (forgot my username)

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness...that is so funny!