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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hey hey good lookin'...
I think I'll eat my Butt Paste...
Megan and Isaac playing...
(ok..Isaac trying to get away from Megan)
You show her Isaac..
nobody plays with YOUR toys!
See...he's thinking about telling her!
Yeah for Isaac!
They played pretty well together.  Ok...maybe NOT...but, we have lots of toys to share:)

I have been SO busy this week.  I have to get Chris packed and ready for his week at BYU.  He leaves on Saturday...so, packing needs to be mostly completed tomorrow (Friday).  
THEN...Eli's party is Saturday.  I also wanted to have the majority of things together so that I'm not frantic on Saturday.  

THEN....Joe reminded me that our anniversary is Saturday also...GEEZ...who has time to celebrate an anniversary??  Maybe after our naps...we can find something to do.

oh...so much to do!
But...the boys are all doing great.  Chris passes Algebra (thank goodness), Eli is going to ace his spelling test tomorrow, and Isaac is cruising right along...chewing on all of our shoes and crawling all over the place.  

it's just perfect!

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The Portas said...

Busy lady!! You guys have a lot going on this week/weekend. Hang in there, everything will get done. I hope you are able to enjoy it! And I hope you and Joe are able to get some alone anniversary time together.

Thanks for the info on VPI. Calling E's doctor today! xo

The Portas said...

Oh and I meant to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!!

Tina:0) said...

Whew! It sounds like you need a sitter for a day! Busy, busy, busy. But like Megan said, you'll get it done with time to spare!!

Hope you have a nice (albeit busy:0)) weekend.

Happy Birthday, Eli!!

Grandma Susie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELI!!!! Hope the backyard party is fun for everyone -

Please find at least an hour or two to spend on "just each other" going out to dinner, seeing a show, shopping TOGETHER or just taking a walk can be fun - (even if you have to wait till Sunday)

We love you Kat as we do Joe. You two are AWESOME together!

Big breath now . . . and go, go, go all weekend. We're sending good thoughts & energy your way. :)

crabby old man said...


jencooper said...


My hubby figured out how to get me connected to the internet from home again. I can't do it through the wireless, but I can plug right in!! Woot!!

Mr. Man looks absolutely adorable...but what else is new?? I am so happy that I can finally get to comment again.

Happy late birthday to Eli...and a happy anniversary to you!!

Thanks for sticking with me all of those times that I couldn't sign.

By the way...found Isaac's birthday present in the back of my car today...yeah...no comment...I needed to clean. I will get it in the mail to you! SORRY!!