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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I'm busy uploading applications on my computer...so, I'll have to upload pics tomorrow.
BUT...Mr. Grumpy pants was just that...grumpy...today. I'm not sure what's going on..so, he wasn't playing with any of his new "at" (assistive technology) toys. He's got three buttons (big buttons). One button--he presses it, and it makes a pillow vibrate. One button--he presses it...and it lights up, sings, AND vibrates. (and let me tell you...he presses both buttons at the same time...or uses his feet to press one!). Then, the third button is my voice. Right now, it is me saying, "Isaac...do you want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba??...and then, I'm singing the song" Right now...we're trying to get him to press that button when he wants to watch his show. When he presses it...his face just lights up--he TOTALLY knows what it's saying...and he looks up at the tv. The other buttons are just for practice now...but, our hopes are to put symbols on them and get him to press them when he wants something (since I have NO idea when he will EVER make a sound other than uhhhhh)

Chris called me briefly today. He's having a BLAST at camp. Too much going on to call him mom:(

Eli is my little stinker today also. He's just lost without Chris here...they are usually together. Poor little thing. He has NO IDEA...but, his actual birthday is this Saturday, the 13th...and Mandy is taking him (and her son) to Disneyland!!! Mandy already has season passes, and Eli will get in FREE because of his birthday...so, it's just gas and food!!! (and toys I'm sure!)
We're not telling him until he wakes up on Saturday (and I won't even be home...I'm driving up to Utah on Friday to pick up Chris early Saturday morning)...


and tomorrow...Shirley, our nutritionist comes over. I hope that Isaac has gained some weight! AND...at 2:00--we pick up our LEG BRACES!! whoo hooo!!!

and then...I suppose the kids will want dinner!
and Joe will want some attention when he gets home...
and the dishes will be calling my name...
oh..it's just too much to think about now!

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Mandy said...

Go outside and make sure that all the doors on the van is closed!! :D

See ya tomorrow!!

The Portas said...

I love the Disneyland surprise! He is going to love it! Get pics of his face when you are telling him.

The AT board sounds awesome. I love that there are tools like this to use. Go Isaac! Push that Yo Gabba Gabba button!

Praying for weight gain today and well-fitting leg braces!

Tina:0) said...

Ooh, Disneyland!!! Can I come, too? Sounds like he's going to absolutely love it!

Praying, too, for weight gain & braces that fit:0)

Lee Family said...

Mandy was telling me about Disneyland how fun Eli will love that.

You will have to take a picture of the leg braces I want to see them. Also I called you twice yesterday and left a message. I need Dr Stewart phone number

Vanessa said...

You busy busy woman. I'm so glad Isaac is getting his leg braces! :)