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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We were VERY busy today!!!!
I put those new BIG shoes on him, some of Eli's old socks,
those leg braces...
and just look at him!!
We only worked on standing for about 5-7 minutes.  He started getting tired...and I want him to enjoying standing and not force it on him.  I was almost in tears.  I'm still putting drops in his ears and giving him his antibiotics.  I am SO lucky that this hasn't moved to his chest...thank goodness!  He is crawling around like a madman...pulling out toys, getting into the dogs food, eating our shoes....he's just a ball of joy!

I was able to go and volunteer at Eli's school for 1 1/2 hours this morning...Chris watched Isaac for me.  What a sweetie. 

We have our pt and ot coming over in the morning.  And I am so excited!  I get their input on the braces and what other techniques we should be using...but, also...I can ask them about the BUTTON!  I'm hiding it from him now.  I'm not sure if we're suppose to suck it up and turn the channel every five minutes when he presses the button...or if we start teaching him "no"...which, I'm not sure if that will negate the use of the button.  (and..he has NO clue what "no" means).  hmmm....so many questions.

I need to get going and clean my house for my morning visitors...(whooo...I'll be up ALL night!)

thanks for checking in on us!

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Amber said...

almost in tears? I AM in tears! Way to go...big guy!!!! He looks so big...I love it. You are so right about just doing tiny chuncks of time...he will realize how fun it is!
Yay Issac!!!!

The Domanico's said...

Great job Isaac! You are making us all so proud. Pretty soon you will be running around the house and getting dirty-all that fun stuff!

Grandma Judy said...

Oh Isaac, sexy legs!
Look at you standing there. Boy, this was a long time coming!

We love you.

The Portas said...

LOOK AT HIM!! I wasn't quite prepared to get teary when I clicked over to your blog! I'm so happy seeing this. :) :)

Very good questions about the button issue. We are running into the same dilemma right now with E's words/signs. We have waited so long for him to communicate that we have been giving him EVERYTHING he has asked for. So, when to draw the line?

Have a great day! GO ISAAC, you awesome little stander! xo

Andrea said...

Wow! Tears in my eyes over here too! What an amazing sight! Great job Isaac!

Wendy said...

Isaac, you go, Big Boy!!!! Woo-Hoo!!! It is so great to see your little man standing, Kathy...I knew he could do it! :)

I'm curious to hear what the therapist thinks you should do with the button, too. ha! Just wait till he learns how to turn the TV on all by himself...like Emma was doing at 3am. (I can't remember when I started telling her "no" but she still gets pretty much everything that she wants...)

Take care, and give that sweet boy a big hug from us and tell him to keep up the great work! I hope he's feeling better.


Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Tina:0) said...

YAY FOR ISAAC!!!! I can't believe how big he looks STANDING there! I can only imagine how proud you are... I smiling from ear to ear just looking at him!!!

Give that amazing little guy big hugs from us!!

PS - what a sweet guy Chris is for watching Mr. Isaac so you could go hang out with Eli:0)

Jane said...

Awesome! So awesome!!! He looks so big when he's upright ;)

Ramona's orthotics have helped her so much, I will hope Isaac's do the same.

jmckeel said...

Yeah for Isaac, Yeah for Isaac!!!! You are so cute standing there; wondering how did I get up here?! Keep trying hard for your mama, she is so proud of you. Learn quick, Isabella is catching up with you FAST! You might not win next time between the two of you :)

Kelly said...

Right on Isaac! That is awesome work! See, he just needed a little extra support.

Aubrey hears the word "no" quite often. It hurts her feelings, but we have to do it. I bet they will tell you to make the button available when it's reasonable. =)

Lee Family said...

HOw exciting is that, I am so happy fpor you also Kathy. I am so glad these braces are helping him he looks great.

Good luck with the therapy today

Vanessa said...

Look at him standing! Way to go Isaac!

mina said...

How wonderful!