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Monday, June 08, 2009

Someone needed a haircut...
oh yes you do!
I don't care what kind of faces you make...
I'm cutting that hair!
Who's that good lookin' baby??
Maybe a little choppy...
but...much better!
That was our Sunday afternoon.

So much going on.  Let's see....Chris made it to BYU to sign in for camp today:)  He sounded SO excited on the 1 minute phone call I got...I don't think he'll make much time to talk to me this week:(

Eli's back at school....it was so nice NOT having to wake up super early to get Chris off to seminary and school.  Eli's school doesn't start until 8:50!  

Isaac doesn't care what time anyone has to go to school...he'd like to go ahead and get up at 7am please.  He had a few soggy Fruit Loops today (working on the soft foods between meals).
We had therapist over today that worked with assistive technology (I'll post in detail tomorrow and with pics of his new toys).  

I would post a video...but, I think Chris stole my camera and I have to find it upstairs!

Joe made it home before the sun went down (miracles do happen).
All is well...thanks for checking in on us!

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Mandy said...

These pics are too cute. Did you tell Joe that Meghan kept tell me today that she wanted to go home? You are just going to have to set up one of your other rooms at your house into a room for her. She's ready to move in. :D

Amber said...

Love those faces...nice job on the hair cut! :0)

When is school out there???

Grandma Judy said...

Oh.....I wanted to see pictures of the new "toys".....you promised. When you get up turn that camera eye on so I can see Isaac and his new play things!

The Portas said...

The new haircut looks great! Elijah will NOT sit still for me to cut his hair. It becomes such an ordeal.

I'm glad Chris is having fun and that Isaac is munching on Fruit Loops. Hope you guys have another good day today! xo

Sarah said...

Look at that precious boys haircut! He looks so cute.

Tina:0) said...

What an adorable hair cut... makes him look so grown up!

Sounds like things are going well & everyone is having a good summer! Can't wait to see another video!

Rachel Dominguez said...

I think it looks great!

Lee Family said...

I love the new haircut, he is such a little man. I love all of the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

The Domanicos said...

I love your haircut Isaac! You are such a little cutie. Can't wait to see pics of your assistive technology!!

Kelly said...

Oh, look at that handsome guy! Good job with the haircut mom! You're brave!