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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Isaac has been hiding under tables, chairs, and slides!

Then..he always needs help getting out!

What a BUSY weekend!
Look at the time...HOLY COW!  I'm going to be a quick typer and get it all in:

We left on Friday to hit the road and head to Provo, UT to pick up Chris from camp.  We (Isaac and I) stopped in Cedar City to visit with my sister and her kiddos.  After that quick visit...we raced to Provo to check into our hotel and to meet Wendy and kids (that would be Emma on the sidebar) for dinner.  I LOVED DINNER with you guys!  They are the sweetest family and I'm making another trip up to visit you guys again soon!

OH wait...I forgot to tell you.  When I opened the car door in Cedar City to get Isaac out...he started sneezing.  AND sneezed ALL day and night (too many things in bloom).  

That leads us to Friday night...where I spent the entire night wiping his nose, suctioning his nose and giving benadryl every four hours. 

Saturday morning...I had to be at BYU at 7:30AM (yep..that's early when you've had NO sleep!)
We made it to Cedar City...and stopped at that half way point to eat lunch with my sister again...then, we headed back to Vegas.  

So...I have Chris now...I have a SNOTTY Isaac...and Eli is having a blast with Mandy at Disneyland!  

Sunday...we're still wiping snot (which is now green), suctioning snot, and now he has a FEVER!  Seriously.
I'm watching for ear drainage...but, this is what allergies do to poor Isaac.  He's already on Zyrtec, Benadryl, Singulair, and Nasonex.....what else can he have for allergies??
I forsee O2 up his nose by tomorrow....poor little thing.

School starts back up for Eli on Monday morning (oh yeah...he came on Sunday afternoon and napped with me).  Chris is out of school for the summer...so, I HOPE to have a great helper this week!

I think I got it all.
oh...NO...JOE...the sweetest hubby EVER...installed a mister system for me this weekend so that Isaac can sit outside under the canopy and not sweat to death!!!!  Thanks honey!

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crabby old man said...

What do You do with all this spare time

Tina:0) said...

Do you ever slow down?! Oh, wait, I guess you did nap with Eli (LoL)!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I'm so jealous of you, Wendy & the kids meeting!

Hope you all have a good week! Give that 'snotty' boy big hugs from!

The Portas said...

So sorry to hear that Isaac isn't feeling very good. Poor guy. I hope it passes quickly.

What a busy weekend, wow! Sooo cool that you got to meet Emma and family and that you now have Chris back. I'm glad your travels were safe!

Further proof that Isaac and Elijah would be two peas in a pod. Hiding under tables, etc. totally Elijah's thing, too!

I'm glad you are back home safe and sound. Get better, Isaac! xo

Wendy said...


I'm so glad you made it home safely! I'm sorry that sweet Isaac now has a fever....that poor baby, I felt so sad for him sneezing even while he was sleeping!!!

It was so great to finally meet you guys. Thank you for fitting us into your hectic schedule! Isaac is just adorable and he's blessed to have such a devoted and loving mommy.

Hope Chris had fun at camp and Eli at Disney! Amanda was excited that she had gotten an e-mail. :)

Take care, and I will e-mail the couple of pics we took here in a minute. Hugs and prayers for Isaac to be feeling better soon!



Lee Family said...

I am glad you guys had a nice trip sounds like fun.
I am sorry to hear that Issac is sick hopefully he will feel better real soon. If you need anything please call me and I will be right over with what ever you need :)

Try and get some sleep.

Vanessa said...

Did you take pictures of Isaac and Emma?