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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Isaac continued to terrorize my house today.  I decided to move the dog's food and water all the way on the other side of our downstairs...by the laundry room.  I WAS hoping that Katie (the dog) would eat her food over there and NOT bring it into the living room where Isaac plays.  I was also hoping that Isaac would NOT go over to the food and try to eat it.  

WELL....both of them had me fooled!  Katie still brings her food into the living room...and Isaac crawls all the way to the laundry room to get the food.

seriously....what in the world am I suppose to do?  Chris won't let me give his dog away?

He is still pulling things off the shelves.   He also decided today that he would NOT like to take a nap.  But, about every thirty minutes...he'd just sit there and scream....because his little body was so tired...but, he had things to do...he just couldn't take it.

I'm CRAZY worried...next week our insurance changes....fingers crossed that everything gets transferred without a hitch...and they don't get smart and deny us coverage!  I'm calling tomorrow to get the O2 and feeding pump scheduled to be picked up...but, also need to coordinate the delivery of the new (because, of course...the insurance makes us change suppliers).

Hugs and love to all my heart mamas!

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Mandy said...

I'm soooo glad Isaac is finally being a two year old kid. Now you will stop picking on me so much about my Meghan!! :D hehehehe

You might have to start Isaac proofing your house missy.

Sarah said...

Hugs and Love to you too! Hope the insurance change goes well - that is unchartered water for me - have had the same insurance since before Evan was born. We were warned this year that next year our company may not be offering this particular insurance again. We'll see. Let me know how it goes.

Tina:0) said...

He looks so big sitting there, with that grin on his face! I just love him to pieces!!

Ugh... insurance companies. They shouldn't be able to deny him coverage because he's been covered! Fingers, toes, eyes... everything that can be crossed is crossed for ya, too!

Give that little man hugs from us!

The Portas said...

Hugs and love to you, too!

I love that Isaac is exploring. He's been observing his home for 2+ years and now he can finally get into all the things he's been looking at for so long!

The dog food, hmmm. What to do about that..

Good luck with the insurance stuff. Insurance and finances are such a headache. We will pray that everything goes smoothly for you guys!

Have a nice weekend! (I'm wishing we had your pool right now...it's so hot here!)

Lee Family said...

I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
That is great that Isaac is all over the place I can remember when he would just stay in the family room. But bad that he is eating dog food, that little boy is to funny. Sounds like the dog has got to go:)

Kelly said...

Crunchy things are exciting! I wish Aubrey wanted to eat anything crunchy or lumpy!

We had to move the dog food and water to our bedroom where Aubrey doesn't really go. Good luck with that!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a smooth insurance switch!

jencooper said...

Oh - the life of a 2 year old!! Just wait until he turns 3! It is SO much worse than 2!!

He looks so cute....but I am not help for the dog food issue.

Hope that you had a terrific weekend!!