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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yes...Chris does exist!
and Eli swings in this swing more than Isaac does!
Here he comes...
you think he wants his mama??
NOPE...he wants to eat the camera strap!
Do you see this mess??
HE did it!
He pulled down all the cubes and dumped everything out!
We were suppose to have pt this morning...but, there was a scheduling mix up...so, we'll see Nora in a few weeks.  It's probably a good thing...Isaac was a TERRIBLE two year old today.  That kid was into everything!  He single handedly distroyed the playroom tonight.  Earlier...he was playing and then crawled into the living room where I was...and he had some food all over his face and shirt.  I can only assume that he found more dog food.  (the dog leaves it everywhere!)

We had a well check for Eli this afternoon.  After 2 1/2 hours in the office....we were out of there knowing that he was great, weighing 51 pounds and 50 inches tall!

ahh....it rained this afternoon!  What a nice surprise.  Soon after the rain stopped, I went to pick up Eli from school...and he said, "mom...it smells like North Carolina!"

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Mandy said...

Way to go Isaac!!!! You are finally making a mess for mom to clean!! :D Good job.

We missed the rain today. Seeing Transformers was wayyyyyy more important then the rain. But it did smell like NC when we walked out. It was nice. I actually miss the smell of rain.

Tina:0) said...

Okay, so what or how much did that shot of Chris cost you?! (LoL)

Isn't it fun when they start doing all of these "normal" things... except for the eating dog food!

Wanna come to Ohio & bring those misters for a visit? Its been HOT here all week... I'm ready for a reprive!

The Portas said...

I LOVE that Isaac is all over the place and tearing into things!! I know, the messes aren't fun to clean up, but how wonderful!

Chris, nice to see you!

I'm glad all is well and normal at the moment. Let's keep it that way!

If you guys like rainy days, come visit us! It's been raining most of the week. Have a good day! xo

Rachel Dominguez said...

Camera strip eating or not...at least he's still eating! You go Isaac! :)

jencooper said...

Wow...I had forgotten how handsome Chris was!!

I am loving the fact that Isaac is making a huge mess for you!! AAHHHH - the beauty of a true 2 year old! I am sure that you are loving every minute of it!!

Come to Texas....it is HOT here!


Lee Family said...

That is to funny Logan does the same thing in an hours time that boy can destroy my entire family room. Well I am glad to hear that Eli's well check went great sounds like our Pediatrician sit there for hours until you are seen.
We have to get together for a play date next week.

kc'sbunch said...

Chris is so cute, why won't he let you take his picture more often? I honestly can't believe your kids. They are just so unique and changing so quickly. I'm glad to see all is going well. Spencer likes to pull all of the salad dressing out of the pantry. It isn't quite as messy as Isaacs, but it must be a stage. I was trying to teach him to clean up. I would hand him a toy and sing the clean up song while holding an empty bin in front of his hands. He would throw the toys clear over my head. Oh well, I'll try again another day.