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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I didn't update last night like I normally do.

Isaac has ANOTHER ear infection.  After three trips to Walgreens....I think I have everything he needs!

I also made a run to Kohl's to buy him some little shoes to fit over his braces:)  We haven't tried them out yet...he's  a little too grumpy for therapy....but, maybe today will be his day!

Chris is home during the day with me now...and driving me BONKERS!  I'll need to find some structure for his day or we're not going to make it together this summer.

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The Portas said...

Chris, be nice to your awesome mama!!!!

Another ear infection? Poor little guy. I hope it clears quickly. Then he can put those new leg braces to use.

Have a good, healing day! xo

Mandy said...

Just let Sto stay on facebook all day and he'll leave you alone!! :D

Keep sending me Eli and that will keep him out of your hair.

And as for Isaac .... i've got nothing for ya!! I'll jsut keep moo moo away from him!!

Grandma Judy said...

Send Chris to Grandma. We can get into lots of trouble!

Tina:0) said...

Chris is more than welcome to come out here to Ohio & help me pick rocks out of my yard (LoL)!!

Poor Isaac:0( I've had too many ear infections & they stink! Matter of fact I think I'm brewing one right now... ugh!

Hope Mr. Isaac is feeling better soon... pictures of him standing in those braces would be awesome!