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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What do you see in this picture??
Eli has a tan..
Can you see the mischief in Isaac's lips??
Do you see a big brother that just LOVES his little brother??
ok...and I see a little crazy eyes!
Eli LOVES Isaac SO much...and Isaac loves to play with Eli.  They are both such sweeties.

This morning our fabulous early intervention team came over to work with Isaac.  He was standing in his fancy braces, pressing the play button on my iphone, showing off his "yo gabba gabba" button.  He was SO pooped for the remainder of the day:(    That standing upright just takes it right out of him.  

ahhh....I can't remember what else we did.  I'm making a few tutus tonight to donate...and I just miss sewing.  I'm going to work on a few projects this week that I've just left undone.

We (Isaac and I) go to see his gi doc tomorrow.  I sure hope he's gained a little weight.  

Other than that....we're doing great.

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Tina:0) said...

Those boys are just the cutest!

Praying that the GI appt. goes well & Mr. Isaac has gained weight!!

Sarah said...

Can I borrow Eli ; )
Evan needs a sweet big brother like that!

The Portas said...

I'm glad Isaac was able to show off his standing! Go Isaac!

Eli is just so sweet with his little brother. Awwwww, what a sweet heart he has. And what cute boys you have!

Praying for weight gain today! xo

Lee Family said...

You know Richard bought me a sewing machine 2 years ago and it is still sitting in its box, I have never used it. I don't know how to sew you are going to have to come over and show me ok...

The boys look so cute together. And standing that is so awesome. Standing also wears Logan out he sleeps for hours after therapy.

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Wow! Isaac is getting so big!

Anonymous said...

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