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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you see that face??
That's the attitude that's been looming in this house all week.
We've been fighting the sickies...sleepless nights, SO much to catch up on....
and finally...
I think we're on the right track.

Here's what's been going on:

Isaac went to the ENT...one tube is OUT...so, we're on the schedule for Nov. 19th. Our insurance doesn't allow us to go to the children's hospital (that has me freaked out a little)...BUT, at least it does allow us to go to A hospital and NOT a surgical center.

His ear infections are gone...but, he's still pulling at those ears (I give him another week and I bet we're back in the peds office). He DID eat FOOD by mouth today...YEAH...it's been about three weeks of him protesting it.

Chris has been busy...ballroom dancing lessons at church, dodgeball tonight at church, they took the PSAT's this week at school. Poor thing...I know he's going to crash this weekend.

Elias is STILL BORED with me at home. But, now that I've gotten the majority of my tutus made and out the door and Isaac is feeling better...I'll be able to focus on paying him more attention.

Joe is still working hard and helping me out around the house when he sees a flustered look on my face. (thanks honey)

Last night I was thinking...I know...but, it takes me a while to fall asleep and I was thinking how FAST the days are going by....and I kind of started giving myself tasks to do each day to make sure that the most important things were checked off my list:

Did I teach my kids anything new today?
Did I laugh with my kids?
Did I really listen to the stories or jokes that they shared?
Did I pause the television when they entered the room and direct my attention to them?
Did we have family prayer?
Did we read scriptures together?
Did I let Chris know how proud I am of him?(even though he does silly goofs all day...i'm quick to point out those mess ups and not so much of the positives that I see each day)
Did I find something new for Eli to do? (he's such a sponge and wants to learn anything...whether it's about digging a hole to plant a seed to learning a new scientific fact)
Did I have structured therapy time with Isaac? (it's so hard...now that he's kind of independent...I often just let him roam and I sit and rest..but, I could do more with him and help push him to do more)
Did I remind my husband how much I love and appreciate him? (even if it's just a big hug when he walks in from work...I know that means alot)
Did I remember that my boys can help me around the house and work with me? (I can't do it all...but, I can also stand side by side with them while we load the dishwasher or clean off the table)

ummm......I think that's alot to remember each day. I think I'll print it out and tape it to my bathroom mirror...and TRY to do as many things each day. (i'll pace myself)

Eli moment: Tonight...Eli was getting something off the table (and it was packed with things that I should have put away)...and spilt a BIG glass of milk all over my papers, my purse, my camera, the chair, the floor...just a huge mess. Chris grabbed a dish towel, I told Eli to grad a bath towel...and we all mopped up the mess. After it was over, Eli said, "mom...you're just the best mom ever".
and do you know WHY he said that? Because, I KNOW that he thought I was going to yell and lose my temper....but, I've learned (thanks to Isaac)...that somethings just aren't worth worrying about. Why yell at milk on the floor....yell when they do something dangerous to themselves or others. THEN, when you yell, it means something (please note...I do yell. I wish I didn't. But, I only do it when necessary. Maybe when I'm a grandma, I'll have a soft-spoken voice...but, for now....if I want to be heard...I need to be louder than the boys)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! As long as we're healthy, we're going to drive up to Cedar City to meet my newest nephew and have a little birthday cake with Luke (another little nephew).

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The Portas said...

Kathy, you're such a good mom. You have some very lucky boys!

That's great that Isaac ate some food! Now let's get the little cutie healthy and feeling good.

Why won't insurance allow you to go to a Children's Hospital???

Have a good weekend! I will pray for health and REST for ALL OF YOU. xo

Amber said...

Kathy...You and I have been thinking about the same things. I personally give myself points for just THINKING about them...you know, attempting to keep them on the radar. I fear that I will end up "surviving" my way through until they are out of the house...and miss all of those opportunities! Thank you for sharing...reminding me that I'm not alone in my quest.

Praying for miraculous, patience, healing,and energy! You're doing great :0)

Grandma Judy said...

Very well spoken my dear!

jencooper said...

We are fighting that same battle with our insurance company to get Grace's teeth fixed. But...they sure are quick to take my money every month.

I am glad that Isaac finally ate something! Way to go!!

Thanks for the list. I am going to copy it. I am going to try to check that off on a daily basis!


Andrea said...

Kathy, you are the best mom ever! I love your list of really important things. It's so easy as a mom to get caught up in the day to day chores, errands and responsibilities and forget about the bigger picture: that we are in charge of raising children up to be loving, spiritual, responsible adults! Throw in a child with special needs and the day just becomes that much shorter! Praying that you will find time to check off all the important things each day!

Lee Family said...

Kathy you are a terrific Mom and don't you ever forget that. You are such an awesome person. I think going to church and having God in our lives really grounds us.

When Logan gets feeling 100% we have to get together, Have a fun and safe trip this weekend.

Vanessa said...

You are such an inspiration to me! You have to be the most amazing mom I know..besides my own. lol!