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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sir Isaac does this all day...
eat his paci and watches television...
often at this angle.
and this would be my niece Magpie...
and our latest creation.
She LOVES her Tinkerbell...
and she so WILLINGLY modeled for me
(NOT...can't you tell she has an attitude in these pics?)

She loved the top...but, left me the tutu. Oh well..
and Wendy...I'm working on Emma's costume BOX...she'll need more than one option (yes...I'm a Rachel Zoe viewer...taking notes)

Isaac is still sick. That darn ear that's infected isn't draining...so, he just rubs it all day. He's getting a little rash behind it now. AND...have I told you that I think he has restless leg syndrome? Well...I think he does. He has the jimmy leg all day and all night. We think he's going to rub his knees and feet raw. I'll have to video it so you know what I'm talking about....but, he can't keep them still. He sleeps in the crib beside my bed...and all night long, he rubs his feet on the mattress. I've just been use to hearing it...but, now I'm wondering if it isn't something to worry about.

and then....I saw Oprah today. HOLY COW...you know that Schizoaffective disorder is number 147 on the list of possible problems with your digeorger? AND...I recorded it for Joe to watch..and then I forgot that I recorded it for him and deleted it....shoot.
anyway...that show FREAKED me out. Let me change poop, throw up, gtubes, 15 meds, give oxygen, in and out of surgery...but, those poor parents. broke my heart.

I feel like I just can't sleep. There are TOO many things to do in my days...I just can't seem to keep up. I've been moving furniture around...the WALKER comes tomorrow...and my little peanut can't learn how to walk if there's furniture in the way. (so, disregard our house if you visit....everything is at attention against all walls until further notice)
and I haven't been doing my visiting teaching...and I need to take Eli on more outings (like normal outings...not to buy groceries, pick up meds, or drive thru McDonalds)...but, Isaac doesn't like the wind and the sun...and he can't be around crowds...so, Eli...we'll have to improvise....
His pumpkins are growing right along. I'll take him outside tomorrow and get pics for you (he's so proud)

My pool has junk in it again (algae)....I am a slacker poolman.

I am out of contacts, but don't have time to go get a new exam (nor do I want to fork our money for them)...so, dork glasses it is (ok, not dork...they are Chanel)

I may be on a budget...but, somethings have to be name brand.
It's so late and I'll just start talking rubbish to you...
so, I'm outta here!

WALKER arrives
Transition team comes to discuss transitioning to school system (he's almost 3!)
Immunology appointment
Pick up new glasses

and maybe a few other errands will get done!

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Tina:0) said...

OMG!!! How do you sleep?(LoL) So much going on its no wonder!

I just can't get enough of that face! He's just too cute:0) To think of him having restless leg... ugh. I have it & not really that severe (no meds) but sometimes its enough to drive me nuts!).

Hope you're able to get some relaxing time in there somewhere! Can't wait to see pics of the pumpkins!

BTW - LOVE the tinkerbell! My girls both love her... Gabby's bedding is Tink & Vaeh just got a blankie for her bday! You're so crafty!

The Portas said...

I hope those boys are feeling much better by today! Poor things. I can't wait to see Isaac with his new walker! Exciting!!!

You are one busy mama. I wish we lived closer so I could help you out in some way.

I'm excited to see how the pumpkins are growing!

Have a healing, restful, peaceful day!! xo

jencooper said...

I just thought that I was tired! Whew! I don't know how you do it!!

I can't wait to see the walker...and the handsome cutie pie that does with the walker.

I can't wait to see the pumpkins. Bennett planted an acorn the other day to grow a tree in our backyard. One day, we will have to get those two together.

Hope that you get some quiet time today!! I am loving the Tinkerbell! You are too darn creative!


Wendy said...


What am I going to do with you??? You are too much! You have so many other things going on, you really don't have to put together a box for Emma! :) Your costumes are adorable, though, and so is your niece!

I'm sorry poor Isaac is still sick! It seems like it's just one thing after another for him.

I hope he enjoys his walker....I know it's a pain getting it around all of the furniture. Emma's wheels always got stuck on the trim around the doors! I can't wait to see pictures of your little man walking with it!!!

Well, those teenagers are bugging me again, so I'd better wrap this up! Take care...and get some rest, it sure sounds like you need it!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

susan laumer said...

OMG I just read on the Oprah website the story from yesterdays show I also printed out the list that you had about the 188 things DiGeorge kids can have you now have me freaked . I know that you cannot have all 188 things wrong with you but this scares me to death. I knew of the list but I have not really sat down until today to take a look at all the things. I think I might need medication after reading this I am super paranoid that the future may have some of these scary psychological problems.

sue Laumer

Kelly said...

Okay, I had to Google that... that is very scary!

Poor baby Isaac. He's a trooper though. I hope he's feeling better soon. He has too... he's got walker to try out! I can't wait to see your little man all over the house! WATCH OUT!

The tinkerbell outfit is adorable! It just cracks me up that you had all boys.

Have a great day. Good luck with the meeting. I can't belive he's almost 3! Where has time gone?