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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well...it had to be done...
someONE needed another haircut...

not too bad...
do you think?

Here's Isaac trying out Megan's birthday present
(by the way...snagged this baby for only $9 at Target on clearance)
and sweetie pie Joe put it together for me!
uh mom...I'm trying to play!
Eli was making cereal in the kitchen.
I said, "Eli...did you spill any sugar?"
Eli said, "no mom"
what do you think?
and Chris.
THIS is what he's been DYING to get for Halloween
What's wrong with him??
and Chris again...
he spent about $20 trying to win this darn alien!
Here's Eli and Seth getting ready to risk their lives
on the BIG slide
(at the Kmart pumpkin patch!)
I made 2 pumpkin pies on Saturday night. THEY are all gone. SO, I had no choice but to make TWO more tonight. I just can't leave them alone by themselves...I must take a tiny piece before going to bed. THANK goodness that it's cooling off and I can start wearing sweaters to hide my tummy.
so...pumpkin pies for snack every night....whooo hooo!

Still haven't found flu shots for Isaac...and it was on the news that the H1N1 is out at the health dept. SO, I'll be hitting the phones tomorrow making calls to get someone to find my baby some shots! Isaac sees his bone doc tomorrow. It's just a check up...folllowing up on his therapies, leg braces...just his overall lack of mobility! (still not trying too hard in that walker). BUT...he sure is cute sitting in it and looking so big!

Eli is STILL home from school. KILLING ME....that boy talks NON-STOP all day long. I know...I know...I'll miss it one day. But, you can tell me that in 20 years....for now....peace and quiet would be just fine!

Chris is in HEAVEN with his costume. What else can I say about him. OH...his 1st quarter grades are in...All A's and B's with only 1 C (and that's NOT in Geometry). So...for now...I will let him live.

Chris is skipping school on Wed. and Thurs to travel to Disneyland with Mandy and her kids (and Eli's going too)....they should have a blast, eat too much junk, and spend TOO much money.

I have to start washing their clothes and pack them up tomorrow!
only one kid in the house.
Maybe Joe, Isaac, and I will have a date night!

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Mandy said...

Meghan is going to be so happy to FINALLY get her bike. Tell Joe thanks for putting it together. I wish you all could go to Disneyland with us :). I'll bring something back for Isaac. And about Chris..... Is that really what he plans on wearing when he's with us? We are going to have a blast.

crabby old man said...


The Portas said...

I don't see any sugar! :)

Chris' costume is great! I love it!

We are trying to find a vaccination for our kiddo, too. I hope Isaac can get his soon!

Have fun at Disneyland this week, Eli and Chris. Sounds like fun!

Lee Family said...

Are you on your Pumpkin fix again you crack me up. If you don't want to eat all of those pumpkin pies you make you can bring some over to my house I love pies ok anything that is sweet :)

Enjoy your peice and quite while you get can get it :)

jencooper said...

What sugar?

I am DIGGING the mohawk! Seriously. I LOVE it!! I wonder if I can talk Bennett into letting me do that to him.

We are getting H1N1 vacs on Wednesday. Fun.

I love the costume!!

Have fun in Disneyland. I am so jealous. I don't know how you will be able to watch them drive away! But, I am excited that you will get some alone time with 2 of your boys. Make sure that Joe GETS HOME ON TIME!


Sarah said...

Oh... Hope they have fun at Disney! Eli and Evan both... talk talk talk!

Tina:0) said...

Sugar? There was sugar in that picture?! (LoL)

A date night sounds great... I think Jon & I might actually get to go out for our anniversary this weekend...maybe?!?!!

How will you survive without Eli chatting your ear off? I'm sure you'll make due;0) And I'm in shock that you were actually able to get a shot of Chris, let alone 2 in one post?!?!?! You continue to amaze me!!

Hope those pies don't get too lonely... if so, just send one my way! I'll contribute to the cause!

Hope the shots aren't too bad:0( I'm dreading getting Vaeh's...