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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These glasses keep sliding off his nose..
and I don't want to pull the strap too tight in the back or
then they squeeze into his eyes.

That boy is always getting into something.
He's trying to tell you something...
and now...
he'll share his boogies with you.

The children were nestled...all snug in their beds...while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads...
OH.....I can't find my Halloween decorations...and so, I asked Eli if we could just pull out the Christmas decorations. They are just buried somewhere in the garage...and it just isn't worth the effort. Who cares that I STILL have my Easter wreath on the front door...we don't get THAT many visitors anyway.

Isaac did great with his GI doc. He weighed in at 24 pounds and 34 inches long. He's steadily growing...slowly, but surely.

The peds called and they told us that they were OUT of the flu shot. hmmm...you'd think that Isaac would be a priority and ONE would have been held for him. I guess not. SO, now I'll just find some other CLEAN environment to take him too (I just wanted to do it at the peds in case there were any issues with him).

Chris had his orthodontist appointment. It thrills me to know that I've only got $3500 left to pay for his perfectly straight pearly whites.

Eli was NOT happy that he didn't get his flu shot. Why? Because, he gets a toy (because I know the pain a shot is)...and being brave deserves a $5.00 toy. (he's such a stinker)

We don't have ANY appointments tomorrow. I can't imagine what I'll do?
AHH...I have a few sales to check out. Last week I was able to buy Eli that Woody doll AND a pair of Addidas shoes for only $10 (and yes...they were all new). Last night I only spent $4.64 at Albertsons...I'm on a roll..so, might as well keep it up (just helping the failing economy)

I REALLY hope that Isaac sleeps tonight. He's still got that moving leg all night. Which doc do you talk to about that??

Thanks for checking in on us!

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Tina:0) said...

I wish I could find deals like that!

Glad that Isaac's GI appt. went well. Makes going to appointments so much easier when there isn't any issues.

As for the girls & halloween... not sure yet, so we'll have to see!

Lee Family said...

I am glad the Doctor Appt went well, I am hoping to get Logan's flu shot today at the peds I hope they still have some left.

Also let me know of any good deals you find. Keep on hunting.

jencooper said...

Man....I wish I had your tenacity to save that kind of money! Craig might actually let me buy stuff then!

I hope that you find the flu shots very soon.

Glad that everyone is doing well.


Tera said...

Hey Just read your new post I haven't talked to you in awhile hope all is well? W e are all good just very busy with school starting for me!!! Well hope we can get together soon...<3Tera

Grandma Judy said...

Is he to young to have restless leg syndrome?

Wendy said...


Your updates make me laugh out loud! :) LOVE that you still have your Easter wreath on your door!!! You are too funny! (I haven't found my Halloween decorations either....I think we're good this year without them.)

Glad to hear that sweet boy is growing...you're doing a great job, Kathy! I always wonder how much they actually get, if they're throwing so much up...as long as they keep growing, they must be getting something, huh?!

Emma didn't get a flu shot either, I was a little annoyed that she also wasn't on our peds list. (They offered to give her the flu mist, which I think is the live vaccine, isn't it? I'm not doing that to her...besides she'd never be able to handle that stuff going up her nose!) I laughed about Eli's toy for shots program...mine get milk shakes, even the 18-year-old! :)

Cedar City is about 4 hours from us...next time you make that trip, let me know! Your idea sounds like a good one!

Take care and give those funny and adorable kids a big hug from us.


Wendy (& Emma, too!)

The Portas said...

Isaac is so stinkin cute. I could eat him up. He and Elijah are the same height! I think E has a few lbs on him, but Isaac is getting so big and doing so well!

I think the peds offices should DEFINITELY set vaccinations aside for the babes who need it most. That's irritating!

I hope you all are feeling good and getting plenty of rest! xo