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Monday, October 12, 2009

Isaac is NOT sleeping.

Last night...I finally went to bed about 11pm...and when I looked at the clock at 1:49...I had already gotten up FIVE times with him. He's screaming when he can't find his paci, he's rubbing his legs all night, he'll decide to sit up and dance, he'll then fall over and cry, he'll sneeze and need his nose sucked out....I should just roll his crib out into the hall. Gosh...he's worse than a newborn. At least a newborn has a tiny, cute cry...it isn't yelling MOOOOOMMMMM at the top of it's lungs.

i love you Isaac..I do...you're just killing your mama slowly...
real slow....

i did take a nap today...and I feel horrible about it. Even though I don't sleep at night....I hate that I sneak in a nap while Joe's at work.
BUT...thankfully I had a nap...because it's almost midnight...and Isaac is right here behind me yelling at the top of his lungs dancing to yo gabba gabba.
(if I turn it off...he just crawls over to the button and presses it and yells more)

Chris skipped school today. He SAID that he had a tummy ache...
maybe he did...(but, I just think he stayed up late talking to Eli)

Eli went on a cleaning spree today. Seriously...he cleaned his bathroom (the spot I dread most in our house). He told me that he even washed the walls...that they were gross (hmmm....who do you think MADE them gross?). After he finished cleaning that bathroom....he came downstairs to negotiate a raise in his allowance. He thinks that he should be up to $8 or $9 by now...(he gets $5 a week currently).
I think I should give him a raise, and give Chris a deduction.

Well...I have a snoring hubby on the couch I need to coax upstairs...
and a crawling toddler rolling balls on the floor making WAY too much noise at this hour.
oh...and have I told you that he moves toys around the house now....HOLY COW...that kiddo can make a mess!
(so...disregard my house if you ever come over....my housekeeper is on an extended vacation)

**oh my gosh...(yes...it's after midnight now...Isaac is still tearing up the house)
I forgot to tell you. Eli is still BORED out of his mind...(hence the cleaning)...so, tomorrow he asked if I'd show him how to sew on the sewing machine. How fun will that be?? Luckily, I have an extra one...so, I'm pulling out fun color thread and felt and see what he can whip up!

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The Portas said...

You need those naps! Don't feel bad at all. Could you try putting Isaac in another room with a baby monitor for a while? That way you would be able to hear the important cries (come suck out my boogers!) and he could dance and play without interrupting your sleep? If we had Elijah in our room we would NEVER sleep! That boy can be a loud sleeper, especially when he isn't feeling well.

Good luck sewing today, Eli! Hey, do you want to come scrub down my bathroom?

Take another nap today, supermama! Sending healthy, restful prayers toward the Roller family today. xo

Amber said...

I wear YOU out...You exhaust me! Seriously..if there is one thing THIS mama needs...it's sleep. Must have it..or life does not work. Nap away wonder woman...and isn't it about time you start making those pumpkin pies again??? ;0)

I'm with Megan...maybe even just moving him to the hall would work?

Grandma Judy said...

You waited two years for this child to say MOOOOOMMMM, so just hush! Put two or three paci's in the crib with him, and do some exercises with him before bedtime, that should wear him out! If all else fails, put Eli on the emergency bed and have him keep him occupied. And oh.....take your naps earlier in the day!

Other than that, you have everything covered!

jencooper said...

I take a nap every weekend!! Don't worry about that. Sometimes you just need a nap.

If I come to Vegas, would you please teach me how to sew? I really want to learn. But...I am not creative at all!

I hope that you are able to get some sleep very soon!!


Lee Family said...

Sneek in those naps anytime you can. Logan wakes me up all the time creaming because of his bad dreams I feel your pain mama...
I need to call you to catch up. I love Isaac's walker I want one for Logan.

Sarah said...

Are you serious? You take that nap... your busier than anyone I know! I sure wish you all could have come to Evan's Halloween Party... would love to meet you and your guys in person!

Kelly said...

I don't know how you live on the little sleep you do get... so you go right ahead with those naps. Don't they feel like heaven?

Sounds like the little guy is keeping you on your toes!