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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Isaac...
what are you standing in??

I'm standing in my NEW STANDER mom...
what do you think??
How about this side??
SO...that would be our NEWEST addition to TEAM-ISAAC-PLEASE-WALK-ONE-DAY menagerie of gadgets! Nora, the sweet pt, brought this baby over yesterday, and Isaac doesn't mind it (too much). It straps behind his back, under his bum, behind his legs, and over his feet. THEN, we put some fun toys on the tray, his favorite tv show on, and just let those little legs get a nice workout!

Speaking of Mr. Isaac...he JUST WOKE up from his nap (yep...it's 9pm)...I guess that thing is doing it's job and making him work! Oh...I hope he goes to sleep again soon! (or I will just pull that stander back out and give him more exercise!)

Mandy took off this afternoon with her kids and my big boys....it's off to DisneyLand for two days to celebrate Seth's (my nephew) birthday. They should all have a blast!

Joe and I have a date tonight on the cough watching "So you think you can dance" while we eat MORE pumpkin pies (because, YES..I've eatten them all....again) They only have 90 calories in them PER serving (I just keep forgetting that there are TEN servings in one single pie). I don't know how that one pie could serve 10 people...but, whatEVER.

My pies are out of the oven....
and I'm working on a new project...
with these:
and these:
any guesses??

Tomorrow I'll share the finished product!

There's a party in my tummy...so yummy, so yummy!

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The Portas said...

There's a PARTY in my tummy! :) Mmmm, I want to see what you make with apples and chocolate. Can we come over??

Isaac looks like such a big boy in his stander. I hope he got some sleep last night, despite the late nap. You're doing a good job of wearing your munchkin out!

The boys are going to have a blast at Disneyland. I hope you and Joe and Isaac can get out for a date night maybe?

Grandma Judy said...

Oh, I love that stander. Don't keep him in it too long.
Yeaaahhhh for Isaac!

Tina:0) said...

Goodness, does that stander make him look big?!! I'll bet he's getting the workout of a lifetime. We used these (when I worked in therapy) with adults who'd had strokes... they worked wonders, so I'm sure Isaac will do great with it!!

I'm with Megan... apples & chocolate? What time should we all be there?! (LoL) Hope you & Joe enjoy the date;0)

Sarah said...

Isaac looks so big standing there in his stander with his glasses on! I know the big boys are having a blast at Disney. Wish you and Isaac could have joined them. Hope he slept well last night. Save me some of whatever your making with apples and chocolate.

jencooper said...

I prefer caramel....not a huge chocolate fan! :) But, I want to go to the party in your tummy!!

I LOVE SYTYCD!! I am totally addicted. And there are so many people that I like this year.

I love Isaac's new stander. I am so happy to see that boy working on those leg muscles. He is going to be walking before you know it!!


Lee Family said...

I am coming right over to help you eat what ever you make with the apples and Chocolate.

He is doing great Isaac is really coming along. Nora will be coming over to our house Thursday and you know I am going to have to have her get Logan one of those.