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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you know where YOUR kids are tonight??
I KNOW where mine are..
I just do NOT know how they're behaving...

OH Isaac...you look SO tired!

ta da...
Here's my basket of goodies!
(delivered to a super mom that I know and adore)
and I couldn't resist...
one last pic of the pumpkin patch!

So there you have it.

The big boys enjoying a fun filled day at Disney...trick or treating tonight. They must have been SO tired that they went to bed WITHOUT calling their MOM! (MANDY!!!)

Sweet chocolate covered apples filled our kitchen last night and again tonight. I LOVE this time of year. I'm NOT a great baker...but, stuff like this (that I can't really screw up)...I just love making it!

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac....was up SO late last night. Just watching tv and dancing and singing. (and pooping). Have I mentioned that he poops EVERYtime he eats. That would be FIVE times a day. Seriously...I don't know how much more poop I can take. He's like a newborn...all this pooping and eating and pooping and eating...just when I THINK I might someday want another baby....that snaps me right back into reality.

I didn't clean ANY part of my house today. I mean...I loaded the dishwasher, started a load of clothes...but, my poor neglected house. And..I won't even mention the pool. I miss my pool man...and not because he was a hottie. (because he was NOT)

Tomorrow...I have BIG plans. Yep....I MIGHT clean. I mean...after I visit a friend, find Chris shoes, pick up my high schoolers (yes...Chris isn't there...but,my kiddos need a ride)....feed Isaac, feed Isaac, feed Isaac....THEN, I'm going to clean.
yep....those are the plans.

What's your Thursday looking like?
BECAUSE when Joe gets home....it's TV night! The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway....oh my gosh, thank goodness for cable, the dvr, and coke (I know...I shouldn't drink it...not good for my body or my bum...but, it will keep me hopping for my shows)

My priorities aren't in order...are they?
I'll work on that.
Nighty night....someONE just crawled over here and stinks. (of course he does)

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The Portas said...

Chris and Eli look sooo cute and goofy dressed up in their costumes. I love it! And YUMMMY, your apples look heavenly!

Elijah is a big pooper, too. We change many many dirty diapers, so we understand your poopy pain. :)

Have fun cleaning today! I hope Isaac got some sleep last night (and you guys, too). MY Thursday...work, speech class, tv, bed. Aaahh, can't wait for those last two things.

Amber said...

First of all...I hope the pool guy does NOT read your blog. :0)

poop...could he share that with Jacob...he's in need of a good one!

Everyday...I love COKE!

Thursday...carving pumpkins, finding costumes for my kids, Survivor, Greys, and Project Runway!

Those apples look yummy...did you tell us how you did it??

jencooper said...

Ummm....we have the exact OPPOSITE problem in our house. No poop!

I am getting the baby bug again. Thanks for reminding me of the whole poop and eat cycle!!

The boys (and Meghan and Seth) look adorable!! I hope they are having a terrific time in Disney.

Your apples look so pretty! You are so creative!!

Let's see....Thursday....Grey's Anatomy for me....and catching up on Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, and whatever else might be on the DVR.

I am a sweet tea and Dr. Pepper girl myself....how is that for living down South!

Have a terrific day!!


kc'sbunch said...

Am I the only one who still watches Survivor? It does seem like you are watching a re-run of a previous season because they have already had so many change ups they must be running out of other ideas. But my bedtime is 9:00 and I don't have DVR so my shows have to air by 8:00. Isaac is so cute in his new standing device. And finally, don't you dare give me my money back! I let you pay me for tutoring so you HAVE to let me pay you for a tutu and wings! You are the best!

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness...Chris' costume cracks me up!!!

Now I am craving chocolate covered apples. I wish I did more baking but maybe it's a good thing cause I don't need more reasons to exercise.

All I have to say about Thursday night is I LOVE GREY'S!!!

crabby old man said...

Enjoying Your Picture, but You just have to much spare time. LOL

stephanie said...

Ok, so I was the lucky recipiant of those apples and OOHHH MMMYY! So great!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And cute pics of Halloween.

Mami Adame said...

Apples look so yummy! Isaac is looking like such a big boy, and he looks real comfy in his new stander! Hope you are all doing well!
BTW, love Chris's costume ;)