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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's Isaac all bundled up watching the boys
play in the snow...
Here's Chris playing in the snow last night...

and Eli sledding down the driveway on a "totes" lid...
(what can you do...we don't have any sleds!)

Isaac with his Christmas tree hat...

What's UP?!?!?

The snow is almost all melted...but, it was fun while it lasted! They did say on the news that this was the FIRST snow day in Las Vegas since 1979...can you believe that?!?!?

Mark came over today and we tried to give Isaac a little bit of milk from a cup...he choked, turned blue, started sweating....and fell asleep. Therapy session over.

I actually took a couple of good pics of the boys, so I decided to order new holiday cards from Sams. I went there to pick them up this morning.....and their printer was BROKEN! SO, if they don't have them ready by morning.....you guys might NOT get your holiday cards until new years...but, I'll still send them out! (better late than never)

I made some yummy dinner tonight...honey glazed ham, for "real" macaroni and cheese, and little green peas (from the can). You can come over for leftovers.

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Lee Family said...

I just love the picture of Isaac sitting up like a big boy with his thumb up in the air, what a great shot.
Sorry speech did not go so well poor little guy I sometimes think Mark likes to rush things a bit. We see him next week OH BOY...

Looks like the boys had a great time in the snow also, so sad to see it go.

Mandy said...

You made real mac and cheese and peas..... No way!! I want some!!! PLEASE!!!!!

crabby old man said...


The Portas said...

Can you send me a steaming hot plate of those leftovers? OH YUM! That sounds delicious.

First snow day since 1979? Wow! I love the totes lid as a sled. :) Very creative!! I'm not sure I would have thought of that. Look at the big grins on Chris and Eli....and Isaac, too! Awwww, that sweet face melts my heart. As usual.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. xoxo

cindy said...

Holy comfort food! I am in dire need of some of that. Think it would make it here ok?? If not, I'll just need to hop a plane and can be there by dinner! ;)

I can't believe all the snow you guys got! The kids look like they're in heaven! (except the one picture of Isaac where it looks like Chris is about to drop him!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I just love how Isaac is sitting up all the time. He looks like such a big boy now! Give him a big hug & kiss from us!

Love ya!


Vanessa said...

What a cute picture of Isaac with his thumb up! I want to come over and eat him up. He is sitting up so good. Sorry the speech therapy didn't go as planned.

Mami Adame said...

Isaac is looking so grown up! You can tell he loves the camera too! Slowly but surely he'll get the milk drinking down!

Tina:0) said...

So when are you coming out to Ohio to cook for me?! I just got home this afternoon:0)

The tote lid works perfectly! They use those to go sledding around here, too!

Hope your cards come out! I'll be looking for it whether before or after Christmas!

Jane said...

hey Kathy!

You have probably already tried this, but has anyone suggested thickening Isaac's liquids? It did wonders for Ramona.

We use a special thickener, but you can also use crushed baby rice cereal. I believe it's two teaspoons per ounce to start.

Just a thought!

jencooper said...

Guess what!! I am finally commenting ON MY NEW COMPUTER!! Woohoo!! I am back in cyber world!

I love the pictures. I am loving that boy sticking out his tongue. He is so adorable.

I promise I will do better about signing now!