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Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh...our Friday turned out to be not as busy as earlier anticipated (YEAH!)

We finished up a few tutus this morning...made the exchange with Karen (thanks for the yummy treats!)...I cleaned a little bit (and I do mean only a little), picked up my high schoolers, picked up Joe's mom from the airport...and tonight is PIZZA night...so, no cooking! I've just been holding down the couch for the rest of the day.
as it should be...

Nothing new to report. Isaac is doing his thing...being as cute as EVER...Eli is a smarty pants, and Chris is turning into a young man before my eyes:(

I can give you a few more details about that vision specialist yesterday. PLEASE don't think that I'm strong and don't flip out when new problems are found...I'm just processing it all.
What we know for SURE is:
Isaac watches tv upside down, he can look straight ahead and reach to his side to pick up a toy and NOT turn his head (he just knows where they are without turning in their direction), he still has the crazy eyes, when he wears his glasses...he still looks over them and to the side of them (so, not much looking straight through them), he does this bobble head shake ALL DAY long. So, it's not necessarily new news to me that he has some kind of eye thing going on...it's just really nice that some dots have been connected for me. She did say that his crazy eyes could still need surgery in the future (if the patching doesn't work in the future)...but, that his head bobbling and the way he does and doesn't look at this is something neurological and not muscular. She asked if he had been oxygen deprived....hmm...YEAH...ALL HIS LIFE. She explained what an impact that deprivation has on the brain and eyes...and that is probably the cause of these problems that we're seeing. I'm not freaking out yet because we haven't seen this new specialist (I'll call next week to make an appointment). BUT, once we do, if she does diagnose him with low vision and this loss of vision is his center field (that's right in front of your face)...he will be eligible for vision therapy...and with time..they help me help him to see things better and as he grows...that area that he can't see may decrease and he might be able to see more in front of him (or not...but, let's think positive). I'm just glad that he's alive, that he can see something....and even if he has to wear goggles (yes goggles...seriously)...I'll buy him the coolest ones out there!!! There are so many worse things that could be wrong with him...so, crazy eyes...I'll take them!

I'm going to JoAnn's tomorrow with my coupons and it's SUPER HERO CAPE DAY...so, if you want one...you better tell me NOW! Just tell me what your little guy likes!

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Sarah said...

You are exactly right Kathy... how thankful I am for the miracle these heart kids are.

Grandma Judy said...

Hey Kat....just thinking.....we love you, and you can't see. Try giving up those contacts for a day!

I agree, Isaac is our little angel no matter what!

cindy said...

Yep, you're right. How big of a blessing Isaac is to ALL of us! It's just part of his charm that he can watch tv upside down! Hey, sometime I wish I could so I'd never have to move!!

Glad you're enjoying your weekend. I'm sure you're all enjoying your visit with Joe's mom!

Give that sweet boy a big hug & kiss from us!!

Love ya!


Lee Family said...

You know we love you and everything is going to be fine, You know Logan is always stating in the low 80's and before that in the low 70's. It is just amazing how much our kids can overcome. I am glad you enjoyed your treats Joe probably ate them all:)
And Thank you again for everything.


Jane said...

Thanks for this update Kathy, I've been thinking about Isaac and you too. You are right, our kids are lucky to be alive! And we are blessed whatever time with them we have, no matter what ups and downs there are along the way. Thanks for the reminder, I needed that today :)